Freedom Fast Lane is a group of young entrepreneurs who have a passion for sharing their knowledge and skills with others to help them succeed in achieving their dreams.

It all started when one of its coaches, Ryan Moran, dreamed of building a digital publishing company and stepping away from the affiliate marketing business that he created in his college dorm room. After several years of saying that he was going to do it, Freedom Publishing Group LLC was introduced.

The strategic objective for Freedom Publishing is to create systems and processes that allow for transformational products to be sold for years. Rather than having to do a launch every time you release a new product, we simplify it by adopting a “McDonalds” type strategy in the product creation and promotion process so that you can roll out new products that sell over the long term, and at the same time ADD TO your company’s vision, rather than take resources away from it.

Freedom Publishing Group offers life changing products in the financial freedom, health and fitness, and self-development spaces. The reason these markets were chosen was based on the fact that they are Personal Passions, Mass markets with enough of an audience to be sustainable, AND an extension of what Ryan perceives to make a person “free” (or sovereign).

At Freedom, we provide regular trainings and webinars for members to become more confident in their marketing efforts. We do this by sharing effective and proven strategies as well as conducting regular classes facilitated by expert coaches for greater marketing success. If that weren’t enough, we additionally offer an interactive forum where you can communicate with other members and coaches for brainstorming, sharing, and knowledge development.

At Freedom, We are committed to the core mission of helping others. We exist to Inspire, Educate, and Empower People to live extraordinary lives.

  • John Smith

    If my product does not sell when I use Amazon what happens? How long does Amazon allow you to keep your non oversized product in their warehouse?

  • david fairley

    Hi Ryan, I figured you would be a good person to contact with your network and students to ask if you know anyone who has a health and beauty Amazon business that is netting over $2M/yr and growing? I have a couple aggressive buyers acquiring these kinds of businesses right now and strong fair market values. Great looking course you are offering – will check out your webinars.
    David Fairley