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3 Investments To Grow Past $1 Million

Hey Fast Laners!

We are gearing up for The Capitalism Conference which is going on here in Austin, Texas, December 7th, 8th and 9th.

I have had several great conversations with both our Backroom members, and some of our Tribe members who have that $1 million in sight (or have it in their rear view mirror, who have hit a certain point). They’re not quite sure how they’re going to grow their business from where it is to really what they want it to be, and they want it to be as big as possible.

They want to have as big an empire as possible. They want something that maybe they can build and sell some day.

I wanted to put together an episode for you that went over the three areas where you need to be investing if you want to grow beyond that $1 million mark. These are the three areas that once you have a product up and selling in the world, are really going to exponentially grow the company.

In the past I have shared my three stages for getting to that $1 million point, and it has everything to do with getting good products up in the world, getting reviews, and building your audience, and repeating that process over a six to twelve month period to get to that $1 million mark.

Well, what about once you’re there? Where are the areas that you need to be investing in, in order to grow past that?

In this episode, I share with you three areas that I think ultimately determine your success beyond the point of the $1 million point. And we are diving into this topic with some incredible speakers and panelists, and in breakout sessions, at this year’s CapCon.

Grab your tickets for The Capitalism Conference and I’ll see you there.

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