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3 Steps To A “Real Business”


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Do you have a real business? 

I once heard it said that 9 out 10 would-be entrepreneurs fall flat on their face.

In my opinion, this is because they chase “income streams” instead of building real businesses.

If you’ve “thought” about becoming an entrepreneur but never gone full time, it’s because you’ve been looking at income streams, rather than real businesses.

We can fix that. 

So what makes up a real business?

In this show, Ryan outlines the three components of a “real business”: unique value, a defined market, and a sales channel. He also explains how to identify each and spot a hole in your business before it sinks your ship.

As you’re listing, pay close attention the following:

– Why Most People Tie Their Financial Fortunes To Temporary Loopholes
– How To Charge Higher Prices By Identifying Who Will Benefit The Most
– Where To “Piggyback” On Sales Channels That Will Bring Consistent Customers
– Why Podcasters and Bloggers Are (Usually) Not Real Businesses
– TEASE: The “Real Businesses” That Ryan Has Built In The Last Year (To Be Revealed In The Next Show)

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ryan purple shirtRyan Daniel Moran
Ryan Daniel Moran is one of the most sought after speakers and thought leaders on internet entrepreneurship in the marketplace. He specializes in creating extremely profitable businesses without compromising your lifestyle. an entrepreneur, speaker, world traveler, and influential writer and podcaster. Ryan is passionate about inspiring, educating, and empowering people to live extraordinary lives. When Ryan isn’t inspiring his listeners and readers, you’ll find him at an improv show or traveling the world.

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