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The 4 Step Formula to Success in Any Business w/ Mark Ford

So many entrepreneurs out there get stuck in their business as a result of over-complicating what needs to be done.

Wouldn’t it be easier if a tested formula existed for growing your business, one that helps entrepreneurs generate millions of dollars?

Mark Ford, pen name Michael Masterson, created such a formula, and has applied it dozens of times. There are four steps in this formula, and Mark shares them with us on today’s episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

After growing a business to $65 million in four years, Mark took the process and duplicated it over and over again. Entrepreneurs who apply this process in their businesses experience success, and you can too.

Marketing is everything, and copy is king. Once you have those nailed, your business growth will take off.

Learn the four stages to making your business grow from zero to one million, from the man who developed the formula himself.

Key takeaways

  • Figuring out what you’re selling, and how you’re selling it
  • Developing back-end products to market to existing customers, and front-end products for new customer acquisition
  • Hiring people for structure to support further growth
  • Incentivizing people to keep the hunger to grow

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