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4 Ways To Be More Grounded Anywhere

Whether travelling for work or travelling for pleasure, our bodies are creatures of habit, and by nature, respond with a sense of stress.

All that moving from place to place, inconsistent time zones and foreign foods, unusual languages and habits can throw your spirits out of whack. Those of us who travel a lot, know how important it is to remain grounded through a few basic practices in order to enjoy yourself and be productive, no matter where you go.

Here are some of my favorites:

4 Ways To Be More Prepared While Traveling1. Create A Routine.

If you’re a nomadic traveler looking to get work done whilst on the road, a morning routine is the best way to cultivate a grounded working mindset.

Why? Because routine:

– Sets the tone.

– Creates Momentum.

– Enables Positivity.


Meditation and a gratitude journal are the perfect way to start the day. When positive thoughts are intentionally cultivated in the morning, the trend continues throughout the day.

2. Eat Local.

Travelling in exotic places can get your head spinning. Food, of all things, will keep you grounded.

When you eat the foods that were grown in the soil where you are, the earth becomes a part of you, which has a tremendous settling and grounding effect on your body and your psyche.

Eating locally grown foods often, means you can meet the people who produce your food, and keeps you in touch with the current seasons.  By eating with the seasons, you are eating foods at their peak taste, at the most abundant, and the least expensive.


Heading to your nearest farmers market to taste the local fare or buying some fresh produce to prepare a meal at home has the most settling effect, bringing you back down to let you’re feet touch the earth and bask in the sweetness of this magnificent world.

3. Attitude is Everything.

When life gives you delayed flights, mild nausea, or even awkward lunches with relatives you thought you once knew, reflect on the words of famed travel writer and Dalai Lama biographer, Pico Iyer: “We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate.”

Travel is transformative. 

Whatever the experience, when you accept it as it is, rather than judging it as good or bad, your eyes will see it again through a lens of love, beauty and gratitude. Keeping in mind that everything is always exactly as it should be, and that everything happens for a reason, keeps you grounded.


Approach your journeys with openness and courage. When you open your heart to the unknown, magic and miracles occur.

4. Exercise.

Moving your body is the best way to release any toxic energy pent up in your body before and after a long journey. It releases mental and emotional stress, and helps clear your mind. When you look after your physical needs and exercise, you almost immediately feel more grounded, as well as having much more restful sleep.

Best of: 

Yoga. Walking outside in the fresh air. Swimming. Stretching. Jogging it out. Dancing.

A friend once told me that when you travel too fast, your soul can’t keep up with your body and needs a few days to get back into harmony. I really resonated with her philosophy, which led me to finding practices that would support my nomadic lifestyle. Being grounded is essential, especially in those times that life is all a flutter, and finding ways to bring peace, joy and contentment into your life are important, no matter where you are.

vienda mariaVienda Maria, BA Psych. 
Vienda is a lifestyle coach who guides women through making the switch from standard 9 to 5 living, to a wildly successful and free nomadic lifestyle known within some circles as gypset. (Gypset is a portmanteau word: the wiles of a gypsy mixed with the sophistication of the jet set.)

She is also a marketing consultant for indie entrepreneurs, boutique businesses and creative professionals who want to take their brand, marketing strategy and social media to a new high.

Vienda holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology and her training includes Level 1 Reiki, Diploma in Coaching and Counseling, and completion of several business and marketing courses.

Her published works include co-authoring Love & Oneness from the Adventures in Manifesting series, and the digital guide Build Your Own Business Blog.

Vienda works with clients internationally and can most often be found on the coasts of California, Australia or in the UK.

Director:; Co-founder:

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