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7 Easy Ways To Get Fit And Feel Your Best!

We all know eating less and exercising more is the key yet we still get sucked in by headlines such as “drop a dress size in a week”. However, because we are all human and if there is a short-cut or quick-fix, we will take it.

7 Simple Ways To Have A Beautiful Body And Be At Your Best!Instead of looking for a short cut, why not change how you think? You can have what you want to eat within reason (think heart health not just waist size), but you have to work it off because input really does equal output.

That extra weight that clings to your stomach, hips, bottom or wherever it is can be shifted, but you have to make it your lifestyle not just a quick-fix. There is one easy 100% effective way of doing that…

Find a method of exercise you enjoy!

It is out there I promise. For instance, I am a complete Davina McCall workout junkie. I think she is amazing and her workouts are fun and funky and really give results.

If that isn’t for you but music is then make yourself a fantastic IPod playlist and power walk your way around your local area. I am not talking the duck waddle walk of old, I just mean the type of walk that gets your heart rate up; think about when you are late for work or picking the kids up or when the bus is about to pull off and you don’t want to draw attention to yourself by running but you REALLY have to get there quick…..that type of walking!

Give yourself an hour a day it flies by listening to your favourite upbeat songs. Get the right kit on for the weather and get your heart rate up. You will notice the difference fast.

You simply don’t feel you have the time for those? But we all have 10 minutes a day we could exercise, right?

Here are few things you can do for 10 mins a day that will make a big difference.

1. 50 star jumps

2. 15 knee lifts on EACH leg

3. 20 bunny hops. Squat down with your hands flat on the floor in front of you and jump your feet out behind you and back in

4. 10 push-ups or 15 half push ups if you can’t manage full, but work up to them

5. 10 tricep dips. Palms flat on the side of your bed/sofa/chair or anything that won’t move with your back facing the piece of furniture you’re using. Legs out at a 90 degree angle and lift yourself up and down using your tricep muscle (top of your arm opposite to your bicep and shoulders not your legs!)

6. Hold the plank for 30 seconds; three times.  Get down on the floor in a straight line. Hold yourself up on your forearms with your body completely in line just like a plank of wood!

7. 16 bridges. Lie on your back, knees bent with your feet on the ground and palms facing upwards. Lift your bottom up pushing your pelvis to the ceiling, keeping your hips in line. Squeeze your buttocks together and lower. Repeat 16 times.

Think outside of the box, don’t procrastinate and start today whatever it is.

Becoming fit truly is as simple as eating three times a day (a portion should fit in your hands) and snacking only on nuts and fruit or anything else that isn’t full of saturated fat or sugar and doing exercise you enjoy.

Laura MilesLaura Miles
Laura is a thirty-three year old British woman working in a male dominated environment which reminds her every day to push herself. Laura believes that we can be whoever we want to be and that it is never too late to reinvent ourselves. Relatively new (6 years) to fitness, Laura knows how hard it can be to stay motivated but also knows the effects are felt on the mind as well as the body. She is new to writing for an audience so a website is in the pipeline.

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