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A Better “Today” Recipe

Life is a journey and not a cruise, because it will be challenging and even devastating for all of us at one point in our lives.

We will all confront big obstacles of one kind or another like a job loss, divorce, illness, etc. During these times, we find outside support and an understanding as to why we are feeling miserable. The solution is usually obvious if it is finding a new job or giving us time to get over a break up. We are sad and everyone understands why.

And then there are times in life when there is no clear problem, nothing we can put our fingers on, yet we still feel blue, unmotivated. These times can be difficult, because when we reflect on our lives, we have no real reason to feel blue. Feeling blue is a common emotion we all experience, but if we allow ourselves to dwell in our lethargy it can snowball and bring us to a place of utter sadness and self-persecution creating much bigger problems.

It is not necessary to hit rock bottom in order to get the motivation we need to get back on our feet; we don’t need to gain twenty pounds before we start to diet or be late paying bills before we get to our paperwork.

But where do we get the motivation we need when feeling stuck and blue?

Of course setting goals is essential but committing to getting to the gym for an hour, or cleaning your bedroom, or filing your taxes may feel overwhelming. At times when we feel apathetic it helps to set small goals; promise yourself that you will go to the gym and watch others, or exercise for just ten minutes. Don’t worry about cleaning your room, but get in there and put away any clothes lying on the floor. If the thought of doing your income taxes makes you want to climb under the covers, just collect all your receipts and put them in a pile. Can’t fathom making it to a yoga class? Sit on the floor and stretch while watching television.

Just as sluggish behavior has a ripple effect, so do actions, regardless how small they are. Little steps add up and soon the steps you take will get bigger and bigger.

The Recipe To Have A Better DayThere are many things we can do to help us feel better when feeling blue for no reason. When I am not feeling so great, I always make sure I have flowers in the house, bright lights turned on when working and candles lit when relaxing. I make it a point to play soft, nice music and I turn off any television that might feel negative.

Then I always call on my “A BETTER TODAY RECIPE” which takes so little effort.

Ingredients: Action and Gratitude.


1. Do one productive thing today

Clean out your car, find that DVD you borrowed and need to return, hang the picture that has been sitting on the floor all month.

2. Do one act of kindness for someone else

Call a friend who is down and let them know you are thinking of them, bring a co-worker a treat, mail a card.

3. Find gratitude and express it

Pausing for a moment and feeling gratitude is beneficial. However, actually expressing it offers both you and the recipient of your gratitude greater benefits. If your spouse has been working hard give them a call and tell them how much you appreciate their hard work. If a friend has been there for you in times of troubles call them out of the blue and say, “Thank you.”

We all get the BLUES from time to time but with little actions we can move forward and live a better quality of life.

Tricia LaVoice Head ShotTricia LaVoice
Tricia LaVoice has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Psychology from California State University, Long Beach and a Master of Science Degree in Educational Psychology from Fordham University.
Tricia is a writer/speaker/blogger for children and adults and the founder of Wishes for the Heart, Inc. She has written a series of Wishes books. The first, Wishes for the Mother’s Heart, co-written with writer Barbara Lazaroff, was released by Hay House Publishing in 2011. Her latest book, Wishes for the Grieving and Healing Heart, is now available in eBook form and in print. Other books by Tricia LaVoice include, Wishes for Better Living, Wishes for the Heart, Love and Be Loved, and Helmets and Hoses, Toes and Noses, released by Windstorm Creative in July of 2008. Several of her “Wishes” have been aired on the nationally syndicated radio program Hollywood Confidential. She lives outside Seattle, WA with her husband and four children. Find out more here:

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