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A Simple Guide to Turning Hobbies and Interests Into Gold

Everyone has a hobby that takes more than 20% of their time. Everyone loves something with a passion that they don’t mind investing money and attention into it with many hours of their day.

Even when they’re dead tired from work, they can still spare a few minutes or hours for their interests. But you see, a hobby doesn’t always have to stay as a hobby. Sometimes, it can actually be a source of income.


Whatever your hobby may be, there’s always some way you can use to turn it into an additional financial support. These days, any way of raking in some money, no matter how little, is very much welcome.

Believe it or not, a hobby as simple as reading books can provide you with some extra money to pay your bills. And there are ways that you can turn your idle hours into fruitful ones.

Below are four ways in which hobbies can become moneymaking activities:

Blog about it.

This will work best if you’re a writer, but it can work whatever your hobby may be. By placing ads and accepting sponsorship, blogging is one good way to earn some extra cash. It’s definitely not easy, but if you’re simply a hobbyist, it’s worth a shot. It’ll help if you can put up your own domain.

So, how do you insert hobbies into the equation? Here’s an example. If you read books as quickly as you consume your favorite pie, then coming up with fresh content frequently can be easy.

Writing reviews about the books you read and proving recommendations are good ways to attract readers. Anyone with a hobby can also turn to blogging. There are so many blogging niches to choose from, and the only thing left to do is pick.

Food blogs can be for those who consider baking or cooking as their hobbies. Movie blogs are perfect for film junkies. Travel blogs are for those constantly suffering from wanderlust.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to make the content yourself. Just scouring news related to your hobby and interest can already spice up your blog.

Do freelance works.

Open yourself to commission works, and you’ll be surprised at how many people trust you and your talent. Is doodling and illustrating something you enjoy? Why not try drawing other people for a small fee? Not only will it serve as a practice to hone your skills, but you’ll also be making other people happy.

Most of the time, people commission illustrators to make their gifts a bit more personal. But of course, it’s not the only way you can use your creative talent. Other ways to use your skill is by designing websites, creating icons, illustrating headers, etc.

If you’re a writer, then there are so many opportunities waiting for you. Some people grab the chance to be a ghost writer, and write custom essays and research papers for other people. But that’s not the only way to do it, of course. Odesk is one of the most common sites that provide writing jobs.

Sell your creations.

If you don’t feel comfortable working with other people when it comes to your hobbies, you can opt to simply sell finished works. In no way does this mean you’ll succumb to other people’s ideas instead of your own. This actually gives you more creative freedom.

A perfect place to sell D-I-Y products is Etsy. Here, do-it-yourself creatives can set up online stores about anything under the sun as long as it’s their own creation or vintage. For the sake of this context, we’ll focus more on the individual’s own creation.

Be it designing your own jewelries or creating hair accessories or knitting, this is the website to use when selling your own creations. You make floral hair pins  for friends on a regular basis, why not turn this into an online business empire?

For artists, DeviantArt is the way to go. Here, you can post drawings, posters, photos, anything, and let people buy prints. This is probably one of the easiest way to earn money from a hobby, since you won’t be doing anything new other than uploading your works in the website.

Start now.

If even a simple sentence in this article made you think you can do it, then start now. Start planning how you can use your hobbies, and put the plan into action as soon as possible. However, always remember to do it when you’re still having fun. Just remember that it’s your hobby first, moneymaking activity second. Don’t be too consumed by it or else your hobby will start to feel like a job.




About the author: Robine Fisher took up English Studies in college, and now considers herself as a professional bookworm. She’s a writer and editor for Bestdissertation.

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