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Are You Expecting Too Much From Your Relationship

Handling a relationship is probably the toughest thing mankind has to deal with. No seriously! Thinking of all the analysis and  thinking that goes into keeping it strong and upheld is one helluva task. Unless of course you’re watching this ultra romantic movie where THE END is always scripted.

To keep it healthy, you need to make efforts and adjust. C’est La Vie friends. But, do you over analyze and conclude him or her not being into you that much baselessly? Are you, well, over expecting? If the answer is yes, you might just want to put a break to the running horses right there, because its the stretching that kills a relationship and not the general things of life. Read on to know if you really are one of the hyper ones who expects unbearably too much off their partners.


1. He/She Does not understand the word “priority” Everyone in life, knowingly or unknowingly defines their priorities. And if you are a part of their life, they very well understand what place you hold in their life. But if you constantly poke them on their priority bit, you’d just piss them off to the extent that they’d regret making you the priority. Do not push someone so much. Give them space and let them know your worth.

2. There isn’t enough romance here Life isn’t all about mills and boons and the other romantic movies that you indulge yourself in. Sure everyone has their own moments to which they cling and make a beautiful life full of happiness. But if you expect the screen romance to fill every second of your life, well, time to wake up. Thats not how it is. Also, if that is what you perceive off of others’ photographs on facebook. please realize, THATS A PLAIN LIE. Romance is about making a life, not overboarding on expectations in the name of romance.

3. We need to spend more time together How much time is more time? Also, its not about the quantity but the quality of time spent with each other that matters. Actually, that SHOULD matter, so to say. The moment these little things start satisfying you, you’d stop complaining. Because if it is all about not enough, then there will be no definition of enough. You have to define those boundaries and make them comfortable for the other to feel happy about them as well.


4. He/She Doesn’t do enough If they’ve got you in their life and flung open every bit of themselves to you, they’ve already given you the space that no one else will ever have. Expecting them to do things to please you every moment of life is then going to be immaterial. Think of the times that they’ve gone out of their way for you and you’d stop putting the stress on them and want to hug them right then!

5. I am worth much more than what I get In a lot of cases, this is just an emotion which bursts out after a fight or an argument. Before you believe this feeling, let the sadness sync in and pass through. Your worth is only judged by yourself; but do not try and judge it after every disagreement. Thats not how you pressurize your lover, or do you? If there a certain instance that you over reacted to a situation but later realized that y6ou were expecting a little too much!? Share with us in the comments section.



Jamie Winston is a real estate agent by profession and sells homes at Dwellus Team. He also likes to design web graphics, infographic and templates. His other interests are reading, cooking and lawn decoration.

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