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Are You Thinking Too Small?

Are You Thinking Too Small?

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Ryan has a candid conversation and asks “Are you thinking too small?” As we look at our lives and careers as entrepreneurs this may not always be the fun conversation to have but it’s important. Ask yourself “Is what I’m doing leading me to the place that I ultimately want?”

Entrepreneurs are exceptional at delaying gratification and studies have shown that the number one indicator of success is one’s ability to delay gratification. This means that entrepreneurs are better investors, better hires but rate happiness at the bottom of the list.

Very few people work past the ‘survival’ part of the brain when it comes to money. It wasn’t until Ryan set the rules for what he needed to feel safe that he was able to move past survival mode.

We are constantly having thoughts thrown at us about money, success, sex, family, religion, and happiness. We are constantly being influenced by thoughts of other people and if we don’t consciously take time to take those thoughts captive then we become at the mercy of other people’s thoughts or ideas. The truth is that we can support any belief we want. We might as well foster the ones on goals we are moving towards.

One of the traps we fall into is digesting these thoughts but never aligning them with where we want to go or getting to the level we want to be. What you listen to, who you hang out with and what you read influence the thoughts that you had. If you listen to people who operate from scarcity or low level thinking you are likely to become one of them.

Ryan has realized that he is thinking too small in the way he operates his businesses because how he has been operating will not get him to the level that he ultimately wants. If your dream is to be financially free but you haven’t defined what that looks like then you are spinning your wheels.

If you are always operating from the place of security where you think you have to take or get then you are not operating from a place of making a difference and where you need to think at the level you want to be.

The fix is to start a 4-hour workweek business you treat as a cash flow business. Build it with a 2-4 year life span in mind then stop. Maintain it, automate it so that you can then think bigger. If it ever goes away then build a new cash flow business. A lot of pain and problems arise is when people build a cash flow business but they think they are building something different.

Ryan puts all his energy and time into disruption companies. These are companies that make a difference and are scalable. It’s not the money, but what you do with your time, what you do to make a difference and what you are giving that ultimately give you fulfillment and happiness.

If the point is just to get more then you are operating from a place of constant need for security rather than freedom and happiness. Are you thinking big enough? You can have as much success as you want without hurting the next person.

Are you putting your energy toward feeling safe and secure when you could be putting it toward something much bigger? The way to invite other thoughts into your brain is by changing who you hang out with and the things you hear.

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