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Ask Ryan #1: Growing An Amazon Business, Building Channels, and How To Get Mentored


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In this week’s episode of Freedom Fast Lane Ryan Daniel Moran premieres his brand new segment ‘Ask Ryan.’ This is your chance to ask anything you like about business, investing and entrepreneurship. For your chance to have your question answered by Ryan ask it here.

Questions & Answers

1.Q: What books do you recommend a new entrepreneur read? 

A: Rich Dad, Poor Dad; Awaken the Giant Within, The Slight Edge, A New Earth, 4 Hour Work Week.

2.Q: Do you know of a course that teaches sales copy?

A: Read books by John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy. Get on the lists of people you like and look at the copy they are presenting to their audience.

3.Q: What are the best things I can do to increase my daily Amazon sales from 10 to 20 items per day?

A: Focus on Amazon pay per click ads, garner regular reviews on your products and continue to be aggressive on actively seeking sales until they become organic.

4.Q: Is it still a good idea to create a Facebook page to build a list for the launch of an Amazon product?

A: Facebook has changed so Email tends to be more effective than Facebook followers.

5.Q: Do I need product liability insurance to hedge against risk if I am starting a nutritional supplement company?

A: You don’t technically have to have it if you are white labeling. If you are creating your own formulas then its probably a good thing to have.

6.Q: What is “having your own channel,” is it having an email list?

A: Yes, having your own email list is having your own channel. It is your own source of sales that you control. This is superior to using someone else’s channel such as Amazon. However when starting out go to a place (channel) where people are already spending money.

7.Q: Ryan, will you mentor me and where can I get your help personally?

A: Book a time to work with Ryan one-on-one here: Freedom Fast Lane ‘work with me’ or join The Tribe

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Links to Resources Mentioned

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Awaken the Giant Within

The Slight Edge

A New Earth

4 Hour Work Week

John Carlton

Clayton Makepeace

Dan Kennedy

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