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Avoiding The Negativity Trap

You woke up this morning and stubbed your toe on the way to the bathroom. You spilled coffee on your crisp white shirt and hit the traffic you were so intent on avoiding – making you exceptionally late for work and that meeting with your boss.

You snapped at your partner, avoided the call from mom, and skipped your morning workout. Without exception, it’s one of those mornings and you’ve started down the path of negativity before you really began your day.

We’ve all been there!

The great news? Negativity is short-livedif you allow it to be! You can design a day you love even when it starts off wrong. How?

Design Your Ideal Day: Hitting Reset

Discard Negative Thoughts1. Acknowledge What’s Not Working

The late start, missed workout, and uncouth behavior isn’t in line with your core values – your true self. Being cranky, uncoordinated, and rushed seems far worse in your head than it is in reality. By acknowledging your day’s shortcomings you’ll be able to start fresh at that very moment.

2. Let It Go

Have you ever eaten at a buffet? If so, you know that you typically leave your dirty plate for pick-up while going back for seconds and thirds, getting a crispy clean plate each time. The same applies for your day {minus the calorie overload}! Leave what’s already happened behind as you move forward. Allow what was to be and start over this very minute.

3. Make Amends

Apologize for your rude comments or behavior, say you’re sorry to the Universe for the early morning profanity, and re-align with happy and abundant thoughts. Clear the air for immediate renewal.

4. Start Fresh

It’s amazing what happens after you clean the slate! Yes, your day may have derailed faster than you expected, but that doesn’t mean you are powerless. The beginning of the day doesn’t define the rest of it. With the power to move forward you can radically shift your day, life, and dare I say, DESTINY!

5. If All Else Fails, Look Forward

Tomorrow is a new day. Bad stuff happens. If you are lucky, you’ll wake to new possibilities, new opportunities, and a new mindset in just a few short hours! By accepting your day for what it is, you can release the need to control its outcome, and instead, focus on how your tomorrow can be radically different.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that you have control over living an extraordinary life. You are not a victim of circumstance unless you believe yourself to be. And though it’s never fun to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, applying the above techniques can instantaneously shift your perspective, day, and energy so that it works for you – not against you.

Stephanie JirochStephanie Jiroch
Stephanie Jiroch, Lifestyle coach, writer and sexpert at Flirt With Life™, Stephanie teaches women all over the world how to manifest their truest desires and design a life they love. Stephanie has spent the last six years working with women to enhance their lives physically, mentally and emotionally as a life coach, yoga instructor and holistic health advocate. Connect with her on twitter @StephanieJiroch or visit her website for more ways to flirt with life!

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