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In order to really stretch yourself, you should spend thirty percent of your time with people who are at a level that makes you uncomfortable. The other thirty percent of your time should be spent with people at your level and another thirty helping others who are at a lower level. Most of us spend our time in the middle level, which is why entrepreneurs have trouble growing.

Ryan has personally been seeking out people with specialized skills and have built and sold large companies, as well as advised billionaires and are billionaires themselves. For a really long time he has been afraid of hosting a large, multi-day event where people fly in from all over the world, but at the beginning of this year, he decided to do it and booked a venue and set dates.

This event will showcase people that have either made an enormous impact on Ryan personally, or people who are at a level that makes him nervous. The result of planning and interviewing for the speakers team is possibly the highest caliber group of speakers he’s ever seen.

These types of experiences are what truly make the biggest fundamental changes in people as entrepreneurs. Your internal stance shifts. This happens through relationships and getting around others who are thinking at a level far beyond where you currently are.

Freedom Fast Lane Live

Spanning December 11th, 12th, and 13th, in Austin, Texas, will be the first ever Freedom Fast Lane Live. These three days will be packed with speakers who have either drastically changed and made an impact on Ryan’s life, or whom he has personally sought out and invited to speak.

Thinking Bigger

The theme of the event is ‘thinking bigger.’ When you do this, clarity comes into place. The community has run to the bottom as far as content and has been watered down with the same people and same content repeatedly. This event will cover how mega-millionaires and billionaires think. What thoughts do they have that others don’t have? What habits do they practice on a daily basis? What are the common threads among the most successful people in the world? The hypothesis is that by aligning those things, the next level of success will become clear. By mimicking the practices, habits, and thought patterns of mega-millionaires and billionaires, success is then hackable and able to be copied.

If you’re not constantly getting around people who are stretching you and taking your thoughts to the next level, then you are trapped in the situation you are currently in. You cannot grow unless you get thoughts from those who are far beyond where you currently are.

The Lineup of Speakers

The group of speakers assembled is industry changing and mold breaking. Among the lineup are individuals who own hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate, business owners who have taken companies from zero to $250M in sales in less than three years and own the fastest growing companies of their kind, billionaires, and those who have sold hundreds of millions of dollars and decided to walk away from it to pursue something much bigger. Ryan’s personal mentors will also be speaking at the Freedom Fast Lane Live event as well as others he has hand selected from the industry that he thinks are doing tremendously inspiring things and think on a level that is higher than what is commonly shared.

The way the lineup of speakers is broken down is thirty percent of them are Ryan’s personal mentors and have brought him to the level he is at; thirty percent are people in the industry who are doing special things and think bigger than the average person; thirty percent are mega-millionaires and billionaires Ryan has headhunted as they break the mold and have done things far beyond what is thought as being possible.

Tickets on Sale August 11th

Attending will be shockingly affordable. On August 11th, early bird access will open and there will be a discount for getting in early.

Final Thoughts  

We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, so be strategic about who you spend time with. If you are not regularly getting around people who stretch you, encourage you, and invite you to think and process things differently, then you are not conscientiously creating your life. We are wired to be like who is in our tribe and community. Be intentional about who you spend time with.

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