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Capitalists Create Value, Innovate to Solve Problems

The greatest contribution that you could possibly make to the world is for you to be successful, to start a business, to be an entrepreneur.

There’s this idea that capitalists create value, start businesses and succeed, but are doing it on the backs of hardworking people. The opposite is true. Those who create the greatest success in a free market economy, assuming that it’s done voluntarily, those who have had the most success, that is a reflection of the value that they have brought to the marketplace.

My name’s Ryan Daniel Moran, I’m the founder of and the host of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast. And we started because when we look at all of the innovation in the world, we see the vast majority of it coming from the free market, coming from entrepreneurs.

If you look at a company like Tesla, (now, we could debate about Tesla using government subsidies that were already there, or we could look at the fact that we have been trying to solve the clean energy problem for decades) and Tesla has done more in the last decade than government has ever done in the last 50 years.

If we look at the healthcare crisis, we look at this debate that we’re having about what politician, what gray-haired white politician is going to determine what’s best for all of America, versus what the founder of Whole Foods has done to bring whole foods, to bring healthy living mainstream, entrepreneurs are creating the greatest change.

It’s not coming from government, so we should not be having a debate about what government should or shouldn’t be doing, we should be having a debate about how do we create more innovation, how do we create more entrepreneurs, how do we create more people that will create more solutions to problems. That is why we’ve had more growth, more economic growth, more problems solved in the last 100 years than ever before in history. It’s because of capitalism, not because of government.

One of the best ways that individuals can make a difference is by creating a physical product. We look at the physical products that have created a meaningful difference in the world, a meaningful difference in people’s lives, and created success for the entrepreneur.

I have a buddy, his name is Mike. He created a physical product because he saw the healthcare crisis, he saw what he thought was a problem in the fact that there are people in this world who can’t afford healthy food, who can’t afford organic food. So he created a line of physical products that allowed people to grow it themselves, to grow it in their own homes, and it would be affordable for everyone. So everyone could have organic food on the table at an affordable price.

Or one of our team members, her name is Maruxa, she just wanted to serve moms. She just wanted to connect with and serve moms who give so much to the world, so she started a coffee line for moms which is simple and creates a little bit of a difference in that mom’s day. And as a result, she has a raving community that wants to rally behind her products, and she’s creating value and making a difference in hardworking moms’ lives.

Or we have another student, her name is Sophie. And Sophie saw it as a problem that we have all this food waste, and we have all of this, all of these take home containers that people are just throwing away. So she created a line of products that was simply made to help people have reusable containers that reduced waste in the world. A little difference that, over a few thousand people, a few thousand customers, created a meaningful difference in the world.

A meaningful difference in the customers’ lives, and also created success for the entrepreneur. That’s how we’ll make this world a better place, through more entrepreneurship, through creating more products that create a better world for you and the people around you.

If this resonates with you, if you want to be one of those people that creates value in the world, or has a business that sells products that has a meaningful impact on people’s lives, we teach people how to do this. It’s what we stand for and what we believe at

We do free trainings all the time that show people the tactics and the strategies to start businesses that actually mean something, and that actually create results and success. We teach it for free, because if you resonate with the model, we have incubators, and we have accelerators, and we have training courses that you can go through in order to start a business that makes a meaningful difference in your life and everyone around you, including your customers. That’s how success is made, that’s how we solve problems, and that’s how we’ll move forward as a society.

If you agree with this message, if you resonate with the fact that capitalism is how we’ll solve the world’s problems, please share this video, follow us on Facebook, get plugged in to our communities at, because it is the free market, and it is individual freedom that will make this world a better place, not by waiting for government.

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