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Changing Your Life Through Charity

To grow means to change, and change is the only constant in life. We have to grow. It’s wired in our brains.


In my experience, the only people that are not happy with their lives are those that make an effort to stay the same, or those that fear change so much that they paralyze themselves.


In this article I’m going to touch up on one way I learned how to liberate myself from the fear. I’m going to specifically talk about being charitable with my money, my time and my soul.

Specifically, I’d love to talk about the time I had a life crisis and was diagnosed with mild depression by a psychotherapist. I think I was the only patient ever to have only one session who cured himself right after it.

I just realized that I need serious change unless I want to be insane (Einstein said it best – insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results), and that the only person that can do it is me.

Takeaway: you are the sole person responsible for how you feel and how you act.

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Change is the key.

Crashing Down

I’ve analyzed my life thoroughly. And I’ve cut all the things in my life that I didn’t find either necessary, useful or uplifting.

Though I’ve realized that the hardest thing when we truly want to change is not to stop what we are doing. Actually, the hardest thing is to find a way to fill all the emptiness left when I either stop hanging with a group of people that aren’t a good fit for me, or when I stop eating unhealthy foods, or even when I stop watching the TV shows I am used to watching.

Takeaway: Cut the old, negative habits, but before you do, have new ones ready to replace them.

Building Up

And now we get to the way volunteering and charity helped me change my life.

Simply, I learned loads of things:

• I saw that there were many people ready to act upon their beliefs, unlike my old group, and unlike me up to that point.

• That meant sacrifice in both time and effort; it was worth it.

• I met new, interesting people who have shown me how to transition to truly live up to my beliefs.

• When I helped people out, I felt great and like I am doing something good for the world.

Takeaway: Help others, help yourself.

A New Beginning

The point of this article is to show you how one decision backed up with action can change your life. And that decision does happen in an instant, but it takes a while to build the momentum when we can finally decide to change.

You can ease yourself in making that big decision by making small, consistent changes. Make sure to have things to do that will replace the old, no longer useful behaviors or habits, and you should be set.

Takeaway: Welcome the change!

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Anita now loves her life. She learned to take control of the process of change, and is no longer afraid of it, but welcomes it. She works as a social media manager and is a strong supporter of Mater Foundation and their Cars for Cancer and home charity lotteries.

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