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Charge More Money, Work Less, And Why I Bought A Tesla

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How to Think Big

What is the difference between someone who charges a client a thousand dollars and someone who charges a client one hundred thousand dollars? Often the difference is little, tiny tweaks such as who you’re targeting. Sometimes you can offer the same exact service to two different people and the value-add to each of those people is very different.


Who you target plays a big part in your results. If you offer investment advice and a twelve percent return to someone who can’t pay rent, that could be worth forty-seven dollars to that person. If you’re offering to someone with one billion dollars in the bank, it could be worth ten million dollars. Who you target involves a completely different fundamental change in what you receive. Remember that selling to the masses isn’t always a good idea.

By just making tweaks in the messaging of websites, sometimes the thirty thousand dollar client that was hard to sell is now easy to sell just by targeting.

Action Question

Is there a way to tweak your messaging or target a different clientele with the products and services that you have so that you can charge more money while working less?

A few years ago Ryan learned that he got more business, had better clients, and was taken more seriously when he raised his prices. Even though the information is the same, when you target someone completely different, it could be worth more to them. You start to attract the people in the audience whom you are already hitting and weeding out all the people you shouldn’t be working with anyway.

So many people give up when they hear ‘no’ or get bad feedback, and the problem isn’t always the content, it’s just who you’re giving the content to.

Ryan’s Question

Who would pay you $100K for the knowledge that you currently have? What do you have of value that you could offer to someone for $100K? If nothing comes to mind, then drop the price to $50K or $25K.

Ryan’s personal policy is that he doesn’t take money unless he knows he can provide ten times value to that person.

Jesse Elder Quote

“The amount of money you allow into your life is in direct proportion with the amount of self-love that you maintain.”

The word ‘allow’ assumes that you are blocking money in the first place. When you settle for scraps, the idea of a million dollars is absurd. If you meet a person who regularly closes million dollar deals, then that is when your mind is melded. Your mind shifts, and you have to think differently in order to comprehend what you just saw or heard. This is the fastest way to hack your growth.

Up-Leveling Your Life

When you get used to driving the Tesla, wearing the expensive suits, and going to expensive restaurants, then asking for the one hundred thousand dollar client doesn’t seem bonkers anymore. Whatever level you are at can be up-leveled very quickly by getting around people who think differently than you and ask questions that you don’t have answers to. You fundamentally change as a person as a result of the new thoughts.


1. Your knowledge may be worth more than you are currently selling it for, just because of who you are positioning it to.
• Ask yourself if there is a way to reposition what you are doing to target a better audience. This is true in any business, especially in physical products.
• Identify who your actual target market is. Who is your product or service most valuable to?

2. Stretch your muscle of thinking bigger
• Ask yourself questions that you can journal about, and get around people who make you think differently.
• When you start thinking about impacting industries and people’s lives, you will up-level.
• When you get around people who fundamentally change you, rapid growth happens.
• Strategies, roadmaps, and business models aren’t always blueprints. Ways of thinking are often assumable by osmosis.


We all have an account of ‘social capital’ that we are building up. When you spend time with people, you are putting time into the social bank account, so if you want a mentor, you have to make deposits before you ask to become a mentee.

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