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Connect Easier: Top Ten Social Apps

Social Networking is one of the biggest things to hit the Internet since the Internet.

Connect Simple - Top Ten Social ApplicationsThink about it, you probably spend half of your day on social network platforms. They are absolutely everywhere. Your company uses them to promote their business, your daughter uses them to connect with her friends, and you use them for fun. Social networking is for everybody!

You can find social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram being used by nearly every major company. The world thrives off of entertainment, which is why these apps are more popular than ever!

Here are the Top 10 Social Networking Apps:

1. Foursquare:

This is the best app to use for check-ins! Over 20 million users are head over heels for this awesome app! Why? For starters – it’s free. Foursquare is a really great way to discover new places. Many places will also offer a coupon or two if you check in often enough!

2. Google+:

This is almost an absolute must. Google+ is not only connected to the world’s largest search engine, but you can now video chat with up to 9 friends, text, email, and experience other awesome features for free!

3. Twitter:

Tweet, tweet! Twitter is one of the best ways to stay connected to your friends. Twitter can be a ton of fun for passing the time, or you can utilize twitter to maintain and promote your company’s community outreach. The possibilities are endless. That’s why we love Twitter.

4. Instagram:

This is Twitter in picture form. Snap a photo, choose a super cool filter, and share with all of your friends! Instagram has most recently gained their great popularity and has not moved from the top of the charts since. You can now enjoy Instagram with both pictures and videos!

5. Vine:

This is the app where comedians go to show off their skills. Although we were quite hesitant about the lifespan of Vine, it has proven us wrong. Vine has become a platform for all things comedy with a little bit of a creative twist. Download it for free in the app store to see what we’re talking about. Warning: You can’t just watch one video.

6. LinkedIn:

Keep up with all of your professional contacts with LinkedIn. This is also a great way to look for jobs! LinkedIn keeps you linked in (get it?) with all of your professional colleagues and future clients! Although this is an app, you can gain access to LinkedIn from the Internet as well!

7. Pinterest:

So many great ideas – so little time. Pin your favorite ideas to your digital bulletin board! Try them out and tell your friends! Pinterest is the ultimate hub for ideas!

8. Tumblr:

If you love blogging then you know about Tumblr. It’s sort of the lovechild of WordPress and Instagram. This free app allows you to maintain your account on the go!

9. Yelp:

If you’re on the go, you can find the nearest coffee shop with your Yelp app. This is a great way to get recommendations for a local venue! Plus, you can see what previous customers thought about their trip to that Mexican restaurant you’ve had your eye on.

10. Facebook:

Of course, Facebook had to make the list! Hey, why not keep your profile updated on the go? Facebook now allows you to link your Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and nearly any other social network website to your page. Talk about social media app inception!

Social networking is the world’s worst habit! You can’t escape it. What’s that old saying? If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Brittani WarrickBrittani Warrick
Brittani is a professional writer of many talents. She specializes in social network analysis, fashion, pop culture and entertainment. For freelance writing opportunities, contact [email protected]

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