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6 Daily Success Habits That Ensure Growth, Happiness, and Profit


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In this week’s episode of Freedom Fast Lane Ryan Daniel Moran reveals the habits of successful people and how you can personally implement these habits in your daily life. Ryan shares a few of his own secrets as well as dispelling the myth that success is just something that happens to you. If you ever wanted to know why some succeed and some fail then you need to listen to this podcast. It really will change your daily life.

Main Questions Asked

  •  Something you attract by being the person that you become
  • What you do in the time you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night and what you focus on, what you invest in.
  • A process of becoming a successful person with a successful mindset.

Key Lessons Learned

  •  Success is not something you receive or earn but rather something you become and attract. Success is a result of who you become and how you act.
  • If you become a successful person you can lose it and get it back.
  • You can have success and become lucky but if you don’t have a successful mindset you will lose it.

Habits of Successful People

1) Write Down Your Goals (as soon as you wake up)

  • Make sure you set goals: 1 month, 1 year, 5 years and someday.
  • Ask yourself: What is the most important thing you can do today that will make it possible to achieve these goals?
  •  Ensure to define what the ‘next level’ looks like to you. Know what the action steps are to get there.
  • Focus on result driven activities.

2) Pay Close Attention to the Quality of Food You Eat

  • The food that you eat is a financial investment.
  • The food that you put in your body affects the money you make.
  • You will think clearer and be more creative according to the quality of food you eat.
  • Whatever you eat has a financial and productive output (good or bad).

Ryan’s Rules for Eating Food:

  • Whole foods only (nothing processed).
  • If it’s green it’s probably good.
  • If it has been invented in the last 50 years it’s probably not a good idea to eat.

Morning Routine of Successful People

  • Water, green juice, journal, meditate, exercise, start the day.
  • If you’re having a coffee make sure it’s organic.

3) Analyze Who You Hang Out With

  • Successful people hang around with other successful people, including people who are more successful than them.
  • If you are around ‘lower level people’ then you have nothing to grow into.
  • If you are around higher lever people, you will want to get to their level. By being there you will get tips and strategies for success.
  • You will always fall to the level of people you hang out with.
  • Look at the people around you. They are a great predictor of where you are headed.

4) Feed Your Brain on a Regular Basis

  • What you listen to has an effect on your brain.
  • You practice what you listen to. It has an impact on your experience.
  • What you read also has an impact on your thoughts.
  • What you think is what impacts what results you get (what you think is based on what you hear and see)
  • Read and/or listen to other successful people, non-fiction brain feeding and growth minded people

5) Challenge Yourself To Come Up With Your Own Solutions

  • Successful people say “how do I get this done” and learn by trial and error.
  • Unsuccessful people say “show me how to get this done” and wait before taking action. They don’t do anything until everything is spelled out.
  • Successful people realize they have to come up with their own solutions.
  • Unsuccessful people think there is a perfect road map to success.

6) Think Long Term (at least one year ahead)

  • Successful people set the direction and make decisions along the way that will get them closer to the vision they had.
  • This is about a vision in order to activate your action steps.
  • This doesn’t mean being married to the idea as you will need to remain adaptable.

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Ryan Daniel Moran is one of the most sought after speakers and thought leaders on lifestyle freedom in the world. He specializes in creating extremely profitable cash flow streams and businesses without compromising your lifestyle. Ryan is passionate about inspiring, educating, and empowering people to live extraordinary lives, and he believes that anyone can live the life of their dreams as long as they take responsibility for their results and take consistent action toward getting what they want. When Ryan isn’t inspiring his listeners and readers, you’ll find him at an improv show, a Cleveland Indians game, or traveling the world.

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