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Determination – A Must For Every Business Owner

Attention: fasten your seat belt, grab a cup of coffee because what I’m about to reveal here will grow your profits by 200% and pull you ahead of your competitors.

You Must Be Determined To Be Successful In BusinessDetermination, according to Encyclopedia, is the force, motion, or strong will to do something while ignoring the challenges that accompany it.

It’s undoubtedly a key every business owner needs to open the door of success; the embodiment of self-comportment and dedication. Without determination, forget about building a successful business, it just won’t happen.

Consider these examples:

1 – A boy had always wanted to climb a big tree in his neighborhood, just to prove to his peers that he was not scared of heights.

He tried countless times, but with no success.

He was on the verge of giving up when he heard a speech on determination by a famous motivational speaker (in the United States). That same day, he climbed the same tree he had been trying to climb for over 2 months with little to no hindrance.

However, his friend jokingly dared him to reach the sky.

Thirty years later, that boy gave one of the most popular statements ever:

‘’This is one step for man, one giant leap for mankind’’.

That boy became the first man to climb the moon. His Name? Neil Armstrong.

2 – What about the story of a young boy, who was born in the streets of Lisbon, who wanted to play soccer right from the day he was born.

His father had died when he was three, his mother and sisters tried to make ends meet. He was named after the word ‘’failure.’’ He used to live and attend a school in the slums of Lisbon. He never liked academics and he used to carry a soccer ball under his arms everywhere in school.

He was determined to be an accomplished player. He was determined to make money for his family.

One day, as he walked into his classroom, his infuriated Mathematics teacher told him he’d never make it in life and that soccer would take him nowhere.

Instead of chickening out or feel discouraged like some of us do, he looked up and told his teacher, ‘’Thank you; I love that’’.

He continued training hard, playing tournaments for his school and that very week, he was spotted by a renowned Portuguese football scout who was looking for talented players.

Eventually, he got his way into the world’s most famous football club (Manchester United) and later became 2008 FIFA world footballer of the year. That determined and gifted youngster is none other than Portuguese whiz kid: Christiano Ronaldo.

3 – There was a poor man who wanted to work in a paper mill industry by selling his articles to them, but was rejected outright.

As a boy, his father died at a tender age and he lived in hardship in an untidy farm-house.

But not forgetting his years in the farm-house and driven by determination, he finally persuaded a publishing firm (in the US), and sold his articles to them for free. 

That man later became one of the world’s most celebrated writers, Charles Dickens. Imagine if Charles Dickens had resigned himself to fate. The world may not have known him. In fact, he would have continued living in that poor farm house.

It’s evident that determination is what separates the best from the rest.

Here’s my advice to you as a business owner:

Don’t chicken out when the challenge becomes tough.

Don’t give up, don’t give in! I know running a business is challenging and quite tasking but don’t give room for discouragement. Stay determined. GO AGAIN. The greatest failures in life are those who stopped trying at some point.

Keep pushing on, and with time, you’ll get a breakthrough.

– My friends, it pays to HOLD ON.

Keep pushing on, you’ll get there….

Daniel Adetunji Head ShotDaniel Adetunji
Daniel is a web content writer who helps online business owners drive traffic and leads with written words –  He’s currently for hire; you can hire him to ghostwrite your book, articles, and any other related writing task.

If he’s not found writing, you can find him gossiping on Twitter; @adetunji19 or, via his content writing blog:

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