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Disconnect From Technology And Reconnect With Your Life

Technology advancement is a good thing, but too much of a good thing can be bad, right?

If you observe all around you today, you see people playing with their smart phones while crossing the street or when eating out in a restaurant. While nothing is essentially wrong with this picture, because the technology is out there, it only becomes a burden when instead of spending time and connecting with people you’re with, you get distracted and immediately retreat to your iPhone, Android, iPad, Blackberry, or whatever gadget is keeping you connected to the online community.

Setting Aside Technology And Giving Way To Your LifeTechnology addiction is just like any other type of addiction. It’s something you think you can’t control. Email, Facebook, or mobile messages run your life and your mobile phone or tablet is the key to your addiction wherever you go. A temporary disconnect from your internet connection will drive you mad. Thoughts such as, “What if my boss emails me something important?” “I feel something totally wrong with the report I just emailed to my colleague and I have to email her now,” or “I need to catch up with what’s happening in so and so’s life on Facebook,” run through your mind even if it is 3am. It’s a compulsion.

And we see several examples of this type of addiction. A friend once told me that she saw someone “Facebook-ing” while falling in line for communion at a Catholic church. At a party I recently hosted, my guests were talking to each other at the start of the party, but before too long, they started ignoring each other and were focused on Candy Crush, Facebook, and email messages. Families and couples are disconnecting from one another in preference to establishing online relationships with ‘friends’ – often people they rarely know outside of the online community. Where couples used to end their day talking with one another, now all too often each partner can be found winding down their day silently by browsing on their mobile phones and laptops, learning more about their virtual world but less about their relationship and partner.

It’s something I experienced personally. When I was excited to communicate each evening with my partner, he would choose instead to focus his attention on online forums and Facebook, conversing by messaging continually with a whole lot of online connections, yet never truly conversing with me. Naturally it led to one disappointing outcome – relationship breakdown. It’s a sad reality, but the good thing is, there is something you can do about it.

If you feel that you are beginning to be addicted to technology or if you already are, there is hope. To fight this addiction you are not required to let go of technology entirely, you just need to know when to check your messages or go online. Think of it this way – if you don’t respond to an email right at that instant, will it put someone’s life in danger? Hmm, no, right? Your mobile phone, tablet, or laptops are important but don’t let it control your life. These are just gadgets – non-living things, and you allow them to run your life?!! Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

So learn to schedule the time in which you check your email and have the courtesy to be in the present if you’re out having dinner or drinks with friends.  Remember the good old days of being able to share your day and talk about anything with the person next to you?

Remember how good that felt?

Well, a personal connection beats a mobile connection anytime. Starting today, aim to fully experience the now. Technology is great, but what’s even better is the fact that when you let go of all your technological compulsions, you become reconnected with life and all the good things that come with it.

Vanessa Talbot Head ShotVanessa Talbot
Success Guide, Life Expander and Author, Vanessa Talbot supports people in creating Personal and Professional Success, applying the principles of “Success Creation” to create significant and lasting change in the areas of: career, business, money, relationships, family and lifestyle.

With the use of Simple Success Creation principles Vanessa, along with her husband, was able to create a multi-million dollar business from humble beginnings while only working 3 days a week! And her husband only worked one week a month!  –  “And it was easy” she says.

Author of international selling Inspirational book ‘Extraordinary YOU ~ The art of living a lusciously spirited, vibrant life’, Vanessa sees herself as an ordinary Australian girl living an Extraordinary life! Website: ; Find out more at :

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