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Diving In Head First To Live the Life Of My Dreams

I have become somewhat of minimalist gypsy and I have never felt better.

Currently, I work on a project that has me living in a different city every month – I’m documenting the discovery of the local independent artists on my website.

Diving In Head First to Live the Life of my Dreams Shiloe AllisonI am learning that freedom, for me, is living a life that I have structured by doing with my time what serves me the most.

A devout love of art, overwhelming wanderlust, and insatiable yearning to abandon the ordinary would lead me to completely restructuring my life, as I knew it.

I quit my job, had the lease taken over on my apartment, sold or donated what I owned, sold my car, and have a friend take care of my dog. All within six weeks. Am I crazy? Probably. But we all need to be a bit unrealistic to chase our dreams.

I had this need that wasn’t going to be satisfied by living in the same apartment I had lived in and doing the same job I had done for years.

For the last two years I had been bored, sometimes to the point of tears.

Even changing career paths led to me quitting that job too and figuring out what I wanted.

I have barely started on this journey, but I still have these moments where my mind catches up with what I’m actively pursuing and I have to allow myself a moment of panic.

Diving Through In Reaching The Life Of Your DreamsBut then I remember how bored I was and how painfully unsatisfied I was; it takes the panic factor down to a manageable level. Looking back on where I was coming from reminded me of why I was doing this in the first place. It also reminds me of how far I’ve come instead of focusing on where I need to be.

I have received varying reactions to the mission I embark on.

Most say I am brave and that they wish that they had the guts to do something similar. But I don’t necessarily see myself as extraordinarily brave. I just have the convenience of knowing what I want to do, so I at least have a general idea where to focus my energy. And that is half the battle.

If you don’t have an idea of what you want, it’s impossible to know how to achieve. But once you do know what you want, it will haunt you until you do it. So don’t put it off!

The greatest risk is not taking one. Chances are if you’re reading from Freedom Fast Lane, you’re interested in finding a new approach to life. The most rewarding thing is to do something you have created. I developed a project that I would have been interested in reading about. I love that it’s mine; that I made it. I have sovereignty over it and where I go and what I experience.

That’s my sort of freedom. Can you define what freedom means to you!?

People have often asked how I can afford to do this. Just quit my job and go to the ends of the Earth to find art. I am not unemployed – I just ditched the 9-5. I have freelance writing and social media jobs that I can do remotely. But in a pinch, I have other skills that can land me a part timer pretty much anywhere. Getting a part time job along the way can help you meet locals and get acquainted with what the “happening” spots are and help you experience a new place like a local would. I guarantee you that at some point in your life that you have acquired some kind of skill that you can use wherever you go. What is your useful skill(s)?

By working along the way, it helps pay the expenses of travel, boarding, food, etc. But, I also travel light and have little interest in material gain.

Money in and money out is all for the maintenance of freedom.

If you want to abandon the cookie cutter lifestyle that came with your “American Dream” starter kit you were born with, you have to open your mind to a new way of looking at expenses, and how you support yourself.

What people fear the most in starting their own project and discovering freedom and not having enough money. Money is very important, but it’s not everything.

And the fewer material possessions you have and acquire, the less you’ll have to spend on maintaining them.

Commitment is stronger and more important than money.

I have never done anything like what I am doing right now. I have always had a consistent job with consistent hours and a consistent paycheck. But by committing so strongly to this project, I am more apt to create new pathways of supporting myself and maintaining my personal freedom.

I seek wealth in experiences, not material.

I am just getting settled into Denver this week as my first stop for my project, I have only begun to unravel the adventures but it already seems packed full of engaging and stimulating wonder.

Anyone can achieve freedom; it’s just a matter of applying it. The first steps can be terrifying and overwhelming, but nothing irrevocable. The only irrevocable thing is the regret that plagues and haunts us when we put our dreams and needs aside because we’re afraid.

Freedom will be ultimately unattainable if your actions are controlled by fear. I reference this both as motivation and as a reminder to myself.

The world has endless opportunities when you get a little creative with designing your life.

Shiloe Allison Head ShotShiloe Allison
Shiloe considers herself a free-spirited gypsy as she uncovers independent art and music while she travels to different cities all over the globe. You follow along with her journey at, . Follow on twitter @GravitasandCo and Instagram @shiloeatgravitas

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