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How to Generate Passive Income with Cash-Producing Sites with Ken Courtright

Is your website making you money?

Websites with traffic, ones that dominate Google search engine result pages with authoritative content shared by influencers on social media, can generate passive income for their owners. helps entrepreneurs buy or build cash-producing websites and makes them grow in value. Led by Ken Courtright and his wife Kerri, manages passive income websites for more than 900 site partners.

In this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ken explains the process behind’s success, how it’s possible for any business to build a money-making website in just six months, and the tips you need on making your own website a success.

Ken also shares details about his upcoming Digital Footprint by event in Los Angeles this October 26-29, where attendees learn how to increase revenue, generate leads, establish authority and elevate their brands.

The three day immersive experience features a lineup of stellar speakers, including a certain representative of and host of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast. Learn more about Digital Footprint here.

Key takeaways:

  • How Income Store helps businesses to dominate search results, improve company reputation, and generate a second income stream
  • How hiring the right people helps you grow your business
  • What you need to do with your website to climb up the Google search results

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