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Earth Group: A Beverage Company With a Conscience

Starry-Eyed College Kid Turns Thirsty Customers Into Good Samaritans

Would you like a refreshing cup of eco-friendly water, coffee, or tea?

How about a nice order of “I’m Making a Difference in the World” to go with that drink?

Earth Group: A Beverage Company With PrinciplesA charity-minded corporation called Earth Group just might have the product to quench your thirst.

Maker and distributor of Earth Water, Earth Coffee, and Earth Tea, Canada-based Earth Group is a beverage company with a conscience.  Not only does Earth Group manufacture and distribute products that are delicious and eco-friendly, they donate 100 percent of their net profits to the United Nations World Food Programme, or WFP, a project that feeds hungry school children in developing countries.

How can a beverage company with overhead and operation costs afford to be so generous, you might ask?

It Began With a Dream

Young Kori Chilibeck, a college student at the University of Alberta, had a dream to sell a globally competitive, environmentally friendly product and give any extra profits to those in need. In short, he wanted to start a business with a conscience.

In 2005, while he was still in college, Chilibeck developed a product called “Earth Water,” which became the first product for Earth Group. On his first day of business, he sold one bottle.  Since that day, Chilibeck’s product caught on like wildfire and now flies off the shelves of stores across North America and Europe.

Partnering for Success

Chilibeck knew he needed a partner to help him get his philanthropic dream off the ground, and he thought the United Nations might be a good place to start.  The UN is a busy organization that doesn’t have much time on their watch for random, starry-eyed college kids, but Chilibeck relentlessly pestered the organization and was eventually granted a 10-minute meeting.  UN officials agreed to a one-year trial partnership, which eventually blossomed into what it is today, a permanent arrangement in which Earth Group’s profits directly fund the WFP.

Chilibeck and his partners view their work not as a charity, but as a moral obligation –  not to mention a dream come true. 

When you purchase an Earth Group product, you’re not just a consumer; you’re a good Samaritan helping to nourish a child in need somewhere in the world.

Melissa Nott Head ShotMelissa Nott
Melissa Nott is a writer and vegetarian in Michigan.  Check out her new website,



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