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F2L2 Binge: Gary Vaynerchuk’s Plan To Own The New York Jets


We dropped some of the best moments from last year’s F2L2 event.

This allows you to binge-listen to:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk reveal how he plans to buy the New York Jets
  • Jeff Hoffman discuss building billion dollar companies and building teams
  • Jaime Masters talk about the difference between $1m and $10m businesses
  • Travis Sago explain his beliefs on success and happiness
  • Grant Cardone talk about himself
  • …as well as Mark Jenney, Jesse Elder, Wesley Chapman, and more.

There are years of wisdom, inspiration, and business knowledge contained in these episodes so check this all out.

This episode: Gary Vaynerchuk’s Plan To Own The New York Jets 

At F2L2, Gary revealed that his plan to own the Jets included buckling down in a service based industry (which currently has revenues just north of $100m), and investing the profits into start ups and breakthrough businesses. His personal brand is how he stays sharp and builds credibility in the marketplace. In this Q&A, Gary talks about the potential of losing it all, risk tolerance, and clarifies why he does what he does.

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