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F2L2 Day 2 Recap

F2L2 Day One Recap

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Day two of Freedom Fast Lane Live has been paradigm shifting for the attendees. During this episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast Ryan Daniel Moran recaps the highlights and biggest themes from day two at the live event in Austin.

Being Authentic – Pat Flynn

What Pat is doing is amazingly profitable, really big thinking and a completely different direction to what Ryan would have taken. Pat is purely, authentically and unapologetically himself and puts it all out there and is cool with his flaws. He spoke about how he builds up a tremendous amount of raving fans.

It is often said that you have to ‘become something’ to get the end goal but Pat said he will continue to be himself more and more. Ryan wanted to know why he didn’t do more with his audience with regards to cashing the check.

Anything that hints at challenging Pat’s authenticity is a threat to how he can operate and long term with regards to setting up the audience.

The Secret to Live – Travis Sago

The way to meteoric growth is to unhook the way you view yourself (self worth or value) from your results. We tend to put meaning on the results and often mistake our value as equivalent to the results.

When you unhook your worth from the results you get you are free as your value is no longer threatened.

Travis’s goal over the next 12 months is to hit $10M with a team of 5 people. He will do this by eliminating all the risk, create a lot of value, take a piece of the value, clients start to work with you and $10M shows up.

The Mastermind Panel

The panel considered of mastermind members who have at least doubled their business in the last 12 months. Several had 10X their business. This session unpacked the leverage points for doubling and 10Xing the businesses.

When Ryan built his team that’s when things really took off. The perception was that hiring was expensive, but was expensive was not building a team that allowed him to focus on what he does best.

Cash Flow Business vs Disruption Companies

Jeremy & Zack both had businesses that were doing well and spitting out cash. One decided to build a big brand and grow it. The other had no interest in growing and used the cash to build other businesses. Jeremy built a sustainable brand that has a customer base he will sell to for many years and Zach recognized his was a cash flow pay to give him other things.

The problems arise when you think you are operating one type of business but are actually operating the other. Gary Vaynerchuk said that a lot of the problems people have is that they didn’t walk away from the business when they should have and end up building a business they never wanted to build in the first place.

Don’t Talk To Strangers – Grant Cardone

Grant spoke about sales and Ryan’s biggest take away from the presentation was that ‘don’t talk to strangers’ is a dangerous idea to give to our kids. Grant spoke about what it takes to be successful, being unreasonable and over committing, sales. During the fireside chat Grant revealed how he amassed his $350M real estate empire. He did it leveraging cash flow businesses. All of his cash from his other businesses goes back into his primary business, which is real estate.

You can operate cash flow businesses and use them to fund something truly disruptive. Grant says he operates his businesses as if he is broke and continues to reinvest.

Running Themes

–       Authenticity: Building a business that is uniquely yours makes it indestructible. Being authentic creates uniqueness in the marketplace.

–       Self-Awareness: Pay attention to what you want and what will bring you closer to what you want.

–       Customer value: The secret to solving all money problems is to increase your lifetime customer value. You get this by developing raving fans that are bonded to you long term.

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