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F2L2 Day 3 Recap

F2L2 Day 3 Recap

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Day three of Freedom Fast Lane Live featured Jaime Tardy of the Eventual Millionaire, Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer, Wesley Chapman of A Human Project, and Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank. Here’s the breakdown of the takeaways from the final day.

Habits & Traits of Multimillionaires – Jaime Tardy

As the Napoleon Hill of the modern age, Jaime Tardy interviews millionaires. Ryan wanted to find out the habits and traits of the most successful people she interviewed, and discovered the common thread is having a team.

Those who have had the biggest successes have built something outside of themselves and work ‘on’ something instead of ‘in’ something. The transition of having a team you trust building something bigger than you was a theme that came out of the weekend as a whole.

Branding That Sells – Ryan Deiss

Ryan is a tactician and takes big ideas and makes them relevant to any audience. In today’s world, the extraction process doesn’t get attention. If you are buying traffic straight to a sales letter, or having affiliates go to an opt-in pitch, then that effectiveness is lessening.

If you want to build a large audience that resonates, then you need to provide content and goodwill upfront and retargeting afterward. An example would be sending traffic to a content piece and retargeting to an opt-in where you sell.

Ryan Deiss believes we are in the midst of the ‘great pixel rush,’ and this will consolidate in a few years. The marketing of the future will be to get attention in order to get the pixel, and then following-up through retargeting.

There are No excuses; There are Only Stories – Wesley Chapman

Wesley’s story is one of empowerment born from horrific circumstances. The key takeaway from this session was learning that the stories that we tell ourselves, and unconsciously absorb, are the things that really drive our behavior. The stories that we make up about things are what determine our results.

Building Something Bigger than Ourselves – Robert Herjavec

Robert has seen more deal flow than just about anybody in the public eye. He has seen what companies have and haven’t succeeded, and what changes the conversation. Robert spoke about market size, which is a big differentiating factor between those who succeeded and those who didn’t.

You can change a product to hit a different market, which is the path to revitalizing a company. The example from Shark Tank is the ugly sweater company Tipsy Elves that was targeting college students. Once they changed the market to be middle aged guys, they went from $2M to $17M. Tipsy Elves got clear internally about what business they were in, and went from selling ugly Christmas sweaters to being in the business of creating funny holiday clothes. This then allowed them to sell for other holidays including St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day.

The biggest takeaway was from the story of when Robert’s Internet company hit $50M in sales, yet changed nothing about his life, and instead left an empty feeling. He realized targets are just targets and not actually fulfilling. This galvanized the recurring theme that targets are arbitrary. Play it like a game, and get yourself out of it and your ego detached from the results.

Money and Happiness

When you focus on others, you become more successful and happier. Money in and of itself is an empty idea and doesn’t bring happiness. If you are in lack and scarcity, money causes happiness, but there are diminishing returns, so more money doesn’t necessarily buy more happiness.

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