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F2L2 Binge: Ft. Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Jeff Hoffman, and More


If you subscribe to FFL on iTunes, you got a special surprise in your podcasting app this week, as we dropped some of the best moments from last year’s F2L2 event.

This allows you to binge-listen to:

  • Gary Vaynerchuk reveal how he plans to buy the New York Jets
  • Jeff Hoffman discuss building billion dollar companies and building teams
  • Jaime Masters talk about the difference between $1m and $10m businesses
  • Travis Sago explain his beliefs on success and happiness
  • Grant Cardone talk about himself
  • …as well as Mark Jenney, Jesse Elder, Wesley Chapman, and more.

There are years of wisdom, inspiration, and business knowledge contained in these episodes.

For those of you who do not subscribe on iTunes, you can stream the episodes below:

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Plan To Own The New York Jets


At F2L2, Gary revealed that his plan to own the Jets included buckling down in a service based industry (which currently has revenues just north of $100m), and investing the profits into start ups and breakthrough businesses. His personal brand is how he stays sharp and builds credibility in the marketplace. In this Q&A, Gary talks about the potential of losing it all, risk tolerance, and clarifies why he does what he does.

What REALLY Happened Backstage With Grant Cardone? 

You’ve heard me express my disappointment with Grant Cardone in the past, and the full story is revealed in this podcast. In this podcast, you’ll hear Grant talk about himself, his socks, his books, his 10x things, and himself. It was totally worth the $20k. By the way, this sentence has more to say about real estate than Grant Cardone did. Still, it was funny, engaging, and entertaining, even if he did ignore the topic completely.

Money Didn’t Make Mark Jenney Happy, So He Made More Money 

Mark Jenney spent the first years of his career making a disgusting amount of money by being in direct response advertising. It provided for a lot of temporary fun and toys, but it didn’t leave him fulfilled. Upon this realization, he turned his focus to a company ( that provided an immense amount of value for many people, and it made him more wealthy than anything that he had ever done. By focusing on value creation, he became more valuable than ever before.

Abused And Left For Dead, Wesley Chapman Succeeded Anyway

Wesley Chapman wasn’t given a fair shot in life. He was abused physically, emotionally, and sexually, and he was told by doctors that he would never amount to much in life. He had a variety of fathers and no stability, and he had every excuse to become bitter and angry. Instead, he succeeded and invested his time and energy into others. If you thought you had any excuse to give up on your dreams, you will change your mind after listening to Wesley.

How To Become A Billionaire With Jeff Hoffman 

Jeff Hoffman is the co-founder of He was also a part of the success of N’SYNC, the movie Cabin Fever, and the success of He was also far and away the most popular speaker at F2L2 in 2015. After his talk, he spend his time in the hallway mentoring and speaking with anyone who would listen. In this talk, Jeff talks about hiring and team building, winning a “gold medal in one thing,” and what it takes to turn big ideas into reality.

Jesse Elder On Fulfillment, Success, and B.S. Personal Development

You are the product of what you listen to, what you read, and who you hang out with. However, Jesse argues, that “limiting beliefs” are nonsense, and that you can simply level up by changing your definition of normal. By surrounding yourself with people who are in alignment with where you want to go, your brain naturally normalizes them, making it easy for you to accomplish. That’s what happens in an environment like F2L2.

$1m vs. $10m – What’s The Difference? With Jaime Masters

Jaime Masters has interviewed as many living millionaires as almost anyone else currently alive. On stage, I referred to her as the modern day Napoleon Hill. At F2L2, I asked her to share what habits deca-millionaires shared in common with one another, as opposed to single-time millionaires. Her findings will surprise you.

Travis Sago’s Secrets To Success and Happiness

I know very few people who effectively manage the dance between success and happiness. Travis Sago is the exception to that rule. Travis is the happiest person that I know, and he is also one of the most successful. I credit Travis for being the reason that I am a millionaire, and he is my greatest mentor in multiple areas of life. If you ever get the opportunity to listen to anything that Travis has to say, do so. This presentation is a great place to start.

Growing A Business To $100m With Mike Dillard 

Mike Dillard runs a $100,000 per month offer, which he uses to fund his (potentially) $100m business, which launches in March 2017. In this episode, he shares the details of his offer and how he built it, as well as how he laid the foundation for his industry disrupter. At Freedom Fast Lane Live this year, he will also be revealing his launch plan for selling tens of millions of dollars during the launch, and what it took to build a business with $100m potential. Mike’s entire board of advisors will be joining him as they reveal the plan to put this new company on the map.

Generating Unlimited Passive Income With J. Massey

I believe that the formula for financial success is to build a business and to invest the profits. At F2L2 this year, J. Massey will be part of an investor panel that features real estate investors, stock investors, fund managers, and other investment leaders. It will be the best investment education that you can experience in 90 minutes. To whet your appetite for this panel of investors, we’ve re-released this podcast with J. Massey, where he shares his advice on what I should do next in my investment career.

Want more? There’s plenty more where this came from.

Freedom Fast Lane Live 2015 was really freakin’ good.

2016 will be even better.

The lineup already features Peter Diamandis, Whole Foods Founder John Mackey, Actress and Entrepreneur Alicia Silverstone, Billionaire Jesse Itzler, The Empowering Sean Stephenson, The Hilarious and Inspirational JP Sears, The $100m Man Cameron Herold, The Controversial Nathan Latka, The Investment Panel, The $100m Panel, and we still have more to come. 

Tickets go on sale to the public at the end of September.

But Freedom Fast Lane subscribers received this early bird link with a substantial discount. However, this discount ENDS on August 31st, while we prepare for the public release.

F2L2 is for visionaries who have a yearning inside to go bigger. It’s for people who are finding their way and need expert insight. It’s for brand builders who are looking for the next stage. It’s for investors who are playing to small. And it’s for the next generation of entrepreneurs who need the unfair advantage.

Join us from December 9 – 11th in Austin, TX for Freedom Fast Lane Live.

Get your early bird tickets here.

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