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Facebook – By The Numbers

Facebook has not only dominated the social media world but also looks to take the whole planet by storm. As the virtual network continues to expand around the rest of the Internet, let’s take a look at some very real numbers behind it.


Facebook was started six years ago, February of 2009 in a tiny dorm room in Harvard. After expanding from Harvard to Stanford and Yale, it jumped to 800 college networks in May of 2005.

A few months later high school networks were added, eventually culminating in everyone in the world being a possible Facebook user.


Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s salary starting Janaury 1, 2013.

About 234

The average user has about 234 friends; old classmates, coworkers, friends of friends, etc.

1 Billion+

This is the size of your potential customer base. There are currently over a billion people using Facebook, from areas all over the world. That’s billion with a “b.” If you had any doubts that Facebook was here to stay, think about this: MySpace only reached around 57 million users at its peak.

Coincidentally, 1 billon + is also the amount of money Facebook made in 2011.


Around of half of Facebook’s users are currently using Facebook via their mobile phones. No need to be tied to your computer at home when you can just as easily update your status while enjoying a Starbucks or waiting for your movie to start!


The number of images uploaded to Facebook every single day.


The percentage of active Facebook users outside the United States and Canada. Ready to open your business up to international markets?

Facebook may be your foot in the door.

One statistic we really wanted to find was the number of businesses on Facebook. Is yours on Facebook? Link us to it. How many fans do you have? What do you do to cultivate more?




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