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February’s Income Report – $1million

February had some setbacks. Ryan’s businesses collectively totaled about $1 million in revenue, which is slightly lower than last month’s revenue. In this podcast episode Ryan shares the status of his businesses, how they’re doing, as well as investments and their growth or retraction.

This month was tough across all boards. There were quite a bit of challenges to say the least.

A good deal came to light with an acquisition that closed on February 1. The revenues generated on that business were $250,000.

Looking at the comparison of the businesses measured in January compared to the businesses in February, there is about a $350,000 retraction from January into February.

Mini Vacation Delayed This Income Report

This income report is coming to you later than usual. For the first time in four years Ryan took a vacation, which lasted more than a few days.

It was great. The most important thing when working hard is making sure you make some time for rest and relaxation.

Let’s Break Down The Revenues

Breaking down the revenues: top-line revenue was about $1 million over all of Ryan’s businesses.

Ryan’s primary business is his sports nutrition and fitness company. Revenues for that were about $450,000. The business case caught in the middle of orders, meaning it didn’t have a whole lot of orders in February.

We saw a significant drop in top-line revenue with Freedom Fast Lane and, from $400,000 in January to $230,000 in February. The numbers are uglier than expected, with revenues mostly attributed to re-bills. Some of our best performing Facebook ads were removed, and that hurt. But the team is back on track and March is already looking great.

Body Vega Nutrition revenues were at about $70,000, which was another dip. This business has taken a bit to get off the ground. Ryan shares what to do with a slow mover and how he and his partner are creating a plan to success.

And Foxbrim, a business Ryan acquired through The Capitalism Initiative, held steady at $250,000 in sales for February, the first month of holding the business.

Good Things Can Now Come To Light

Orders for that did not come in until March. The team was caught in the in-between Amazon orders in January and March, as well as the retail orders kick in March. This caused a gap in February where Ryan didn’t have the same amount of orders that we would normally have.

Ryan did strike a fantastic retail deal that will take the products in between 800 and 1,100 stores nationwide in the next 30 to 45 days. As soon as that is live and products are physically in stores nationwide, Ryan will talk more about it.

More good news—Ryan finally has cracked the launch processes and the ranking processes on Amazon in a way that is more sustainable, and profitable, and faster. Learn more by tuning in to this episode.

If you like getting income reports from Ryan (or if you don’t), let us know!


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