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How to Find Mentors

Are you surrounded by empire builders, or are the people you hang out with the most bringing you down?

Struggling to find the right people to support you on your entrepreneurial journey? Remember this: You are a product of your thoughts, and a product of the people you surround yourself with.

The thoughts and the beliefs that we have in our brain are the reason why we do the things that we do. The source of our thoughts, the thing that influences our thoughts are other thoughts.

Which sounds weird and woo-woo, but our brains are basically sponges. They’re basically normalizers, so whatever we’re taking in, our brains normalize and that becomes our beliefs. That becomes what we think about and then it’s the product of what we create is the product of what we focus on.

We are constantly being mentored. We’re being mentored by the media. We’re being mentored by the books we read. We’re being mentored by the YouTube videos that we watch.

Whatever we consume enough becomes normal and real to us. It’s why we can normalize things like war. We can normalize happiness. We can normalize millions of dollars or poverty, whatever we’re surrounded with on a regular basis becomes our standard and that’s what we create.

This episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast features audio from a YouTube video about finding mentors.

The discussion references another excellent podcast about building your success network.

You can listen to that episode here, and watch the YouTube video version of this episode here.

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