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F2L2 Day 1 Recap


F2L2 Day One Recap

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On this episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast Ryan Daniel Moran recaps the highlights and biggest themes from day one at the live event in Austin. Ryan unpacks some of the major themes and takeaways from some of the speakers.

Normalizing ‘Big Stuff’ – Jesse Elder

Abundance isn’t just an idea but is also a behavior that can be practiced. Behaviors that we want to have, or currently perceive as big, can be normalized, which then makes it feasible. Abundance is a habit, and with it we make incremental progress. This is something we need to practice in all areas of our lives.We don’t achieve things that we perceive as big because, if we call them ‘big,’ then they are outside of ourselves. If we have limitations in our thinking that prevent us from getting what we want, we can fix that by normalizing the behaviors that we want to have.

Money Follows Excellence – Jeff Hoffman

Don’t pursue money; pursue excellence. Money follows excellence. When you do something that is excellence, money will show up.  Get a gold medal in one thing rather than split your focus amongst multiple projects. This is how you get excellence. Isolate your projects and make them your primary focus, and don’t run them simultaneously.

Pivoting to a Value Driven Mentality – Mark Jenney

Most of Mark’s career has been about ‘extracting’ money from the marketplace and ‘getting’ cars and toys. The returns were diminishing, and Mark chose to pivot to a giving, growth, and exponential mentality. Billion dollar companies rarely come out of marketing conferences, but have come out of disrupter conversations.

Don’t Fear Losing It – Gary Vaynerchuk

If you have a business you don’t feel passionate about, then you’ve struck out on the first swing. If you are in a business you hate, you can’t operate on a level of passion and, therefore, can’t win. When you are so dialed into a mission, or at the very least see it as a game to be played, there is never really an end.

Gary doesn’t fear ‘losing it all,’ because he is more driven by the game than he is by the result. As the opening day keynote speaker, Gary unpacked his strategy to buy the New York Jets and spoke about his $100 million marketing firm, Vayner Media, as his ‘war chest’ to give him leverage and exposure to buy other companies, and also gives him a platform. Investing in other businesses was where he made the bulk of his money, and is his plan to go exponential.

Teams are Everything

The team you are on and the team you build is everything to your success. Be responsible for the dreams of those on your team and consider it your mission to make sure those dreams become a reality. Your team members will work harder to fulfill everyone else’s dream than they will to simply collect a paycheck.

Being Willing to Go ‘All-In’

  • Move away from ‘extraction,’ and go all in on a ‘give’ mentality.
  • Go ‘all in’ on one project at a time, and aim for the gold medal in one project.
  • Don’t be afraid to lose it all, and if you do, know that you will be just fine.

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