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Gary Keller’s CEO Geoff Woods: Mapping Your Billion Dollar Vision


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Geoff Woods went from employee to entrepreneur in 10 months. He is the CEO of the latest project headed up by Gary Keller, the billionaire founder of Keller Reality and author of The One Thing. During this episode of Freedom Fast Lane with Ryan Daniel Moran, Geoff goes through the process of taking an idea to plan and implementing the vision. If you are looking to move from the cash flow world into having a disruption type of company or if you have an idea that feels way to big for just you, this episode will bring your idea into a reality so you can see the path.

The Relationship Bank Account

Geoff noticed that when he was in the room with the most successful people that they never asked for a single thing and instead only asked what they could do for other people. You have to make enough deposits in the relationship bank account in order to make withdrawals and maintain a positive balance.

Step 1: Create the Vision

Gary had an idea for what he wanted the media company to be but wouldn’t share it with Geoff and wanted him to come up with the concept first and ensure it was aligned. If it was Geoff’s vision he would be more vested in it than if an idea was handed to him on a silver platter.

Integrative Content Suite

The guidelines were based around the goals that they wanted to achieve in terms of being a one-stop shop of creating an integrative content suite and systemizing it. This involves in taking a piece of content through the cycle of freeium, bestselling book, list buildings, launching the digital course, hosting a live event, coaching, and masterminds.

Step 2: Hiring

The process was identifying the five key positions that are absolutely necessary in order for the business to thrive. Using philosophy from The One Thing that asks, “What is the one thing that I can do that by doing it everything else becomes easy or unnecessary.” Geoff asked, “If I could only hire one person everything else would become easier or unnecessary.” He became hyper focused on hiring one person at a time and started with the content person.

A job description is the two to three things the person has to be able to do really well otherwise they get fired. It all starts from clarity and knowing how the hires walk and talk but knowing that the best people are already employed and not necessarily looking for a job. Oftentimes the referral is the best source and a matter of sharing that you need help.

When you get the clarity on what absolutely has to be done you can figure out the deal breakers and fail forward. Identify them and do the onboarding process in the first 90 days and if it’s not a fit let them know.

Cast the big ‘someday goal’ that scares the crap out of you. Then it’s a matter of bringing it back to a five-year goal. One that is done bring it back further and ask what do I need to accomplish this year, month, week, day.

The Disney Process                                                                                                           

When you come from the perspective of waving the magic wand you immediately shatter your limiting beliefs of what you think is possible. The Disney process is an ‘anything could happen’ map of building your business. Starting from the end point allows you to work backwards to figure out the one element you need to do that by doing it everything else becomes easier or unnecessary. This process gives you both clarity and momentum.

The Five People

You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with and when do you that you realize you are not alone. On a raw human level the one thing we all have in common is that we feel good when we help others. If you can go to the people where you want to be and ask for help. It feels better to give help than it does to receive help.

If you are scared and feel the fear then recognize that if you set an intention to surround yourself with people who are where you want to be and seek their guidance, you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Geoff assembled his army of mentors by approaching them and told them how they impacted him, followed up and showed them the success of their efforts on his work.

Adding Value & Being a Super Connector

If you can show someone how you took action or made a change before you meet them. So many people say they are going to do something with what you taught them but don’t act.

Geoff makes an effort to find out where his mentors need help and document it. He also admits to constantly playing ‘super connector’ to people who didn’t know each other before.

If you can’t provide value but if you know someone who can then make that happen as that immediately elevates you. Even if you don’t know someone you can scout for someone who can. It’s all about leveraging and six degrees of separation.


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