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IT’S OFFICIAL: Gary Vaynerchuk will be on the speaker lineup for Freedom Fast Lane Live 2015 and keynoting day one of the event.

You may know Gary as one of the industry’s most charismatic speakers, the host of the Ask Gary Vee show, or the author of the New York Times Best Seller CRUSH IT.

Gary is now an angel investor in disruptive technology companies, and he will share what catches his attention when he speaks from the F2L2 stage in December 2015.

Gary became a beloved leader in the world of entrepreneurship because of his inspirational call to arms for business owners to hustle:

How does Gary represent the F2L2 idea of thinking bigger?
Gary and I (Ryan) share a special bond over a common dream: to own a major sports franchise. Gary dreams of owning the New York Jets, and I dream of owning the Cleveland Indians. Doing that takes a different level of thinking than most entrepreneurs in our industry are willing to think.

What does it take to think on the level of owning the New York Jets? What does it look like to leave it all on the table, and to pursue a seemingly impossible goal? What does it take to stand out and be disruptive in today’s noisy marketplace? You’ll find out straight from Gary at F2L2 2015.

Seeing Gary in person, and meeting him face-to-face, is alone worth the trip to Freedom Fast Lane Live (F2L2). Tickets go on sale August 11 – sign up for early bird notifications for tickets here.

What’s your favorite Gary quote? Post it in the comments!

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