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How The Gurus Make Their Money, And How To Copy It

Over the years, people constantly ask me what “really” works online.

I think there is a lot of skepticism over if the stuff that the gurus teach actually works.

(Note: usually, it doesn’t.)

My friend Justin Brooke once said, “Stop doing what the gurus teach, and start doing what they do.” Ah, sage advice. But the question remains: what is it that they actually do?

No Secrets In This Post

Sadly, the answer is a bit boring. You’ve probably heard it before. And chances are you probably still haven’t done it. And after reading this post, only a few of you are actually going to do it… yet I feel compelled to write this.

This week, I am re-reading The Four Hour Work Week, and I’m reminded why it was so impactful for me the first time through. It reminds me that life is not supposed to be about doing stuff you hate, but about funding the activities that you love.

Therefore, in that spirit, the following business model is super simple, takes very little work to maintain, and will work for years to come, even if it only takes a few hours a week to continue…

How To Have A Five And Six Figure Business With One Page 

Really successful businesses are built around one thing: a compelling and converting offer. The offer is usually a sales page that converts visitors into buyers. This may be a video sales letter (those annoying point by point “can’t be paused” sales presentations that everyone uses… including me… because they work), long form textual sales letters (long web pages with a red headline and a buy button at the end), or a squeeze page (“free reports” in exchange for an email address).

So, the first way that the gurus make their money with a one page site is by having a page that converts visitors into buyers. When someone buys, they make money. Duh.

Double Your Dating Squeeze Page

However, that’s usually not where they make the most of their money. This is the part that the average dude doesn’t hear about:

What they really get out of each person that buys is a lead. That collection of leads is called a “list.” And if you have ever found yourself on a list (you have, that’s why you’re reading this copious blog post), then you know how people make money from a list… they mail it… usually WAY. TOO. MUCH.

Crap… I’m boring myself… which means you’re probably even more bored than I am. Let me cut to the darn point.

What the heck does this mean to you? 

You’ve heard me preach this a bazillion times, but you need two things to make six figures online:

1) An offer that converts.
2) A way to make money from those that convert.

For the average person, they can’t go out and write a sales letter and create product. That’s hard. Yes it works, but most people don’t do it.

So how the heck do you replicate the gurus’ success without having to do all their hard work?  

Sit tight. We’re getting there.

To answer this question, allow me to draw your attention to two examples: “Double Your Dating” and “The Motley Fool.”

This Squeeze Page Is SUPER Complicated

Double Your Dating is a well known dating advice column and series of ebooks. Their business model is based on the following: get people to sign up for something free, turn them into buyers, and sell them more stuff after that.

The Motley Fool is a stock advice column that follows this model: get people to sign up for something free, turn them into buyers, and sell them more stuff after that.

(In case you didn’t catch that, they’re exactly the same.)

It’s important to note here that both companies follow the same model, and they do it selling their own products. They get a free lead, they try to get that lead to buy their products, and then they sell more of their products to their list, or they sell other people’s products as an affiliate.

That is how the gurus and the multimillion dollar companies build online businesses. But that sounds hard, right? That sounds like a long process.

Well, now take my buddy Travis, who does this exact same process… with one important difference: he doesn’t sell his own products.

The process is the same, just with some tweaks that make it easier for a one man show. It looks like this:

1) Get a free lead (your offer). 
3) Sell MORE products to your list. 

“Yeah, so what’s your point, Ryan?”  

My point is that this is how you replicate exactly how the gurus and the million dollar marketers build their businesses, just without all the hard work.

Since there are already products out there converting like crazy, you don’t have to make a product with a sales letter (yes, you CAN, but you don’t have to. You can have a “four hour work week” type of a business without your own product).

So what does a business like this look like?

It looks like one page, plus a way to keep following up with your leads (your autoresponder).

For those of you who thought that you needed a complex website to make money online… well, this should be your wake up call.

It takes one page – a page that collects the lead. The important thing is that your “offer” to get people to give you their email address should be very compelling… irresistible, even.

What next? Once they opt-in, you send them to the opportunity to buy – but it’s SOMEONE ELSE’S OFFER.

You see, when “The Motley Fool” gets a lead, they send them to an offer… it’s just their OWN offer.

When you’re a one-man-show without a product or a sales letter, you send it to someone else’s offer… and you get the affiliate commissions… but then you also get the lead.

Travis and I call these one page business Magic Tease Pages, and we talk about them more here. 

When you look at big web businesses and think that it takes a big company to pull this off, remember: you can replicate their model, but simplify it for us one-man-shows.

Ok, then, where does the traffic come from?

REALLY successful people buy their own traffic. They spend a quarter to make a dollar. It comes from Plenty of Fish, from Google, Facebook, wherever it makes financial sense for them to buy their traffic.

And it’s important to GET THIS: Most people are far more willing to spend $50 on information than they are to spend $5 on advertising. Makes no sense. Please… be different and actually TEST driving some traffic to your offer.

However, people first starting out that are afraid to spend any money on traffic, they get their visitors from elbow grease – article writing, forum posting, “partner wrangling”, webinars, free reports, blogging, solo ads, etc.

But the truth of the matter is that no “traffic tactic” makes sense until you first have your OFFER down.  Why are you worried about Twitter marketing when you don’t have an offer to send folks to? Why worry about becoming an expert in Facebook marketing when you don’t have an offer? That’s tying your shoes before you put them on.

“Ok, punk, but what about the second step of making money after someone becomes a lead?” 

Oh yes. That. That’s really important.

This post is already getting super long, so I’ll keep this brief:

Most people don’t buy after seeing an affiliate offer one time. They often buy on the fifth time. Or the seventh time. Or the thirteenth. Or after you give them a bonus. Or hold a webinar. Or write a really good email promoting it. Make sense? The more something is promoted, the more sales you make. Duh.

So after someone enters into your funnel, your follow up sequence keeps the money coming in on a regular basis.

And beyond that, you build a list of followers that you market to any time you want to “tap” them for cash.

By the way, this is how I pay for most of my vacations – I write emails to my lists. I offer bonuses. I hold webinars. I get product owners to give my list discounts… etc. I have a financial incentive to give my customers the best buying process possible.

Once again, the process is the same as an affiliate as if you had a full business… the only difference is that you’re promoting other people’s products rather than your own.

So what might this process look like?

This audio class that I held overviews the process in detail, but here’s the cliff notes example:

1) You decide to sell Truth About Abs, the best selling product on Clickbank.
2) Put up a Magic Tease Page to collect leads.
3) You build leads by getting traffic to the offer.
4) Follow up with the leads and sell more products. This may include muscle building, weight loss, dating, survivalist… or whatever else someone who bought Truth About Abs might also want to buy.

When the process is working, do you know what you do? You buy more traffic. You get more leads. You meet more people. You promote more launches.

After a while, your work basically comes down to writing emails to your list… IF you want to. It comes down to promoting launches… IF you want to. But most days, you’ll live life as you please.

Yes, I’m oversimplifying the process so that you GET IT. But yes, it really is simple.

Travis and I outline the entire process in detail here.

I believe that most people overcomplicate their businesses. There are no big secrets. No hidden loopholes. There are very few products that you need to buy. What you DO need is:

– an offer that converts
– traffic (comes naturally after you have an offer)
– consistent money making actions to your leads (emails and promotions)

If everyday, you did just these things and ONLY these things… you’d have the business of your dreams very quickly.

Leave me a comment if you found this rant helpful.

And buy this product. You’ll like it.


Ryan Moran purple shirtRyan Moran

Ryan’s motto is “live life to the fullest.” And, he certainly lives up to the challenge.

As a freshman at Indiana Wesleyan University, Ryan started a small internet business from his dorm room to help pay his tuition . . . and by the age of 20, he was earning a 6-figure income and other online ventures – all while continuing to study full time. Needless to say, Ryan’s “side business” allowed him to graduate debt free – with a nice chunk of change left over.

After college, Ryan expanded his online business and set out to see the world. His next big adventure? Inspiring others to live free lives and create their own destinies . . . just like he had.

With that vision in mind, Ryan created the Freedom Publishing Group LLC, which offers life-changing products in the financial freedom, health and fitness, and self-development spaces. The Freedom Fast Lane is a group of likeminded entrepreneurs who have a passion for sharing their skills to help others succeed in achieving their dreams.

Ryan is a world traveler, an avid Cleveland Indians fan, and a big fan of freedom.

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