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Guy and Ilan Ferdman: Your “Money Blocks” That Hold You Back


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In this week’s episode of Freedom Fast Lane Ryan Daniel Moran speaks with Guy and Ilan Ferdman who are known as Satori Prime. They are well known for their internet marketing skills and their ability to create money out of thin air. This conversation is about what’s between your ears and how it makes an impact on what you earn. What holds you back from what you are truly capable of?

Main Questions Asked

  • What type of change are people you work with looking for?
  • What is the overall change people you work with make?
  • What things are you seeing that prevent people from arriving where they want to be?
  • How do the things we haven’t addressed in our lives hold us back from being our full selves and getting the results we want?
  • How do these routes connect to the money?
  • Are people locked into a pattern of the same behaviors?
  • What is one wall we can practice on to give us a taste of what it feels like on the other side?

Key Lessons Learned

  • The ‘rules’ are what we set up in our own lives
  • You don’t need to look at your entire life, just look at one thing and it will impact all areas
  • Fear and procrastination are two things everyone deals with
  • Where you are ‘stopped’ is generally a recurring issue in life
  • Get comfortable with being in the unknown because that is where magic happens
  • Most people come in with the idea that money will fix everything
  • What surprises most people is that they find value in areas before they find money
  • Money shows up when you are living the fullest expression of yourself
  • Fear and having to be accepted are the biggest factors in holding people back
  • Everyone has some ‘story’ of themselves which is a version of ‘I’m not good enough’
  • If you are not happy with the results in your life, doing more of the same will only give you the same results
  • People underestimate how much the decisions we made growing up affect us today
  • To bring awareness to your choices, try different approaches to problems and find the things that work
  • Learn the difference of being attached to results and being committed to results
  • Fear is the indicator of bliss and magic on the other side (don’t run away from it)
  • Recognize the little voice inside your head is not your voice (its job is to protect you and keep you alive)
  • When it comes to social situations, notice the sensation of fear is survival
  • If you are angry at someone its like you are drinking the poison and hoping they die

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What is holding you back from what you are truly capable of? @SatoriPrime tells you in this podcast

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