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Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

If the terms neck stiffness, shoulder stiffness, and backache seem overly familiar to you, there are high chances that you are an entrepreneur who’s working very hard to make your venture a success.

Your enthusiasm to make it big is commendable. However, if you’re ignoring your health on the way, you may pay later. The sedentary lifestyle, lack of time and the unwillingness of altering your daily routine can cost you a lot in terms of health. Being a responsible and ambitious entrepreneur, you wouldn’t want to get into anything that results in a loss.

Here are a few tips to help you be healthier without needing to alter your busy schedule:


Sitting for long hours in the same position can be highly detrimental to your health and physique. Even if you are engrossed with a brilliant new idea, take out five minutes every hour or so and move around. This way you can stretch your limbs and take a look around at what your staff members are doing.


Sitting straight for hours at a time can cramp up your limbs. Learn some simple stretching exercises and do them at fixed intervals. Stretching even a little bit, would relax your muscles and increase your blood circulation.

How Busy Entrepreneurs are Living A Healthy Life• YOGA FOR EVERYONE

Make this a habit within your organisation. First thing each morning, everyone (including yourself) does yoga. Even 20 minutes per day would be enough. Doing the right asanas (yoga positions) can increase your brainpower and standard of work.


Eat the right kinds of foods. No matter how busy you are, make sure that you don’t skip any meals. Skipping meals will make you very tired and your productivity will suffer. However, if you are aiming to get a big task done or conduct a meeting right after lunch, make sure that you keep your meal light and refreshing – something that won’t put you to sleep.


Get adequate sleep. This may sound like a cliché but it is very important. Sleep is highly underestimated among many young hard workers. They prefer staying up all night to finish up a project. This approach will make you suffer eventually. Studies have proven that lack of sleep can cause a serious drop in one’s ability to remain and a severe decline in productivity along with increased irritability. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll end up being the cranky boss everybody hates.


As much your meals are important, it is equally important that you don’t eat too quickly. This upsets the digestive system and is generally unhealthy.


Stay close to nature. Keep a potted, indoor plant on your desk. Just looking at the plant during an excessively hectic workday will brighten you up.


When snacking, consider these light and healthy options – baked apple with yogurt, cherries, raisins, popcorn, cucumber/onion/celery/vinegar/salt salad, brown rice cakes, boiled eggs, etc.

While at work, if you feel any abnormal aches, pains or other symptoms, you can always ask a doctor free online and can ask any medical questions related to your symptoms in order to receive the appropriate treatment.

Evie Dawson 2Evie Dawson 
Evie Dawson is a health writer and fitness enthusiast. She advocates the idea of taking advice from online doctors and online medical symptom analysis. She also contributes to various online health publications that cover weight-loss measures, health guides and fashion. When she’s not writing, Evie continues her own education.

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