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Hiring and Team Building: When and How To Hire For Growth and Automation

You started a business so that you could have more freedom. Now, you work more than ever.

You want to grow your business, but you’re tapped out. How do you find people who are actually good, so that you can grow? And when you hire them, will that be another job for you to do?

Solopreneurs resist hiring for this exact reason. Plus, it FEELS like a major expense (even though, in this episode, I explain why they are an investment). Hiring and team building is a skill on its own, and entire books have been written.

While I’m no expert on this topic, it IS a skill set that I have had to learn over the last twelve months. In this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, I explain what I have learned through this process.

You will discover the order in which you should hire, WHEN to start bringing on talent, and when you should not hire at all. You will also become clear on whether you want to grow or automate, so that you know what type of person to target. You will learn where to find A-players, and how to structure their compensation so that it is fair, clear, and designed for growth.

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