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How Taking Control Of My Life Helped Me Enjoy Life More

Sometimes a person can go through life without actually being in control of what they are doing. A person can have a job they become used to and suddenly, 5,10,15 years pass before they achieve their dreams and goals. Well, today, you have the choice to take control!

Yes, YOU.

Enjoying Your Life With The Choices You MakeWhen I decided to take control of my life, to do what I wanted and chase my dreams, my perspective changed. My focus changed and I began to take small steps to achieve my goals.

“God’s gift to us is life, what we do with our life is our gift back to God” 

This scripture allowed me to realize that what I do with my life is my gift back to God. So I wanted to make it the best gift that I could give back to Him because He gave me the greatest gift – life. So I needed to take control. Dream BIG, set goals and chase my passion. Each of us has been blessed with a gift, a talent, and a passion. We can either share it with the world or hide it in jobs that don’t let us express who we are.

You have the freedom of choice!

Create and live your dream life? Or let life pass you by, by just being average?

Today I want you to take control of YOUR life and use your gift. Dream BIG dreams, write down your life goals, and create the life that you want.

Look at where you are right now in life.

Look at the things you are doing each day and ask, “Are they bringing you closer to your goal?”

Look at the circle of people who influence you. Are they helping or preventing you from becoming all that you are meant to be?

What do you need to do today to begin to take control of your life?

Choice is the greatest power God gave you. Too many of us just accept our lives – we don’t take control. As a result we can’t get out of our own way. I always say, “When you die and go to your maker, He won’t ask you, ‘Why didn’t you become this and that?’ He will ask,‘Why didn’t you become you? Why didn’t you become all that you are?’”

Fulfilling God’s will for your life requires you to take responsibility for yourself and your life. You have the freedom to choose to take control. You are responsible for becoming all God made you to be, not only for own benefit, but for everyone else’s. Never forget that you are unique.You possess talents, experiences, and opportunities that no one else has ever had – or ever will.

Yes, I’ve had set backs, but I spend each day I have chasing my dream, goals and purpose in life.

It’s time to succeed! Be who you are meant to be by taking control of YOUR life. I have a free eBook that can help you get started called Time to Succeed. You can download it here @

Liam Francis Head shotLiam Francis
“Can I? Why Not” Liam is an Author, Life and fitness coach, entrepreneur and semi professional football player in England. Liam began playing professional football at Coventry City FC between the age of 11 – 18. He was sadly released by the club but hasn’t stop pursing His dream of being a professional football player. During the time of him being released till now at the age of 23, Liam studied football coaching and personal training. He also got his life coach qualification and also built his own information products business through creative writing, inspiration and motivation. At the age of 23 years old, Liam has written his first book called, “Can I, Why Not” (How to achieve your goals). Liam inspires hundreds of people through social media and his website to live the life of their dreams and live their purpose. With his experience and knowledge he is able to do this. Find out more here: Http://

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