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How to 10X Your Growth

How to 10X Your Growth

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Growth is essential to our happiness and can also be the enemy. During this episode of Freedom Fast Lane with Ryan Daniel Moran, we look at how to expedite and maximize growth.

Entrepreneurs have a misunderstanding that ‘we need to grow now’ so that one day we won’t have to worry about growth ever again. The misconception is that if we put in the work now, we’ll reach a point of Nirvana. This approach looks at growth as though it is an exhausting process that takes from us rather than charging us up.

Most entrepreneurs are wired to want to make a change; however, when we plateau, we resent our level of comfort and want to experience further growth. When starting a new venture, there tends to be an initial growth period followed by a plateau. The reason this happens is that when we put in the groundwork, there are parts that aren’t always pleasurable. If we are not clear on the reason behind the growth, then our brain associates it with pain instead of pleasure.

The only thing that keeps us going is the belief that at the end of it all there will be more pleasure than there is pain. Unfortunately, we get in a trap of constant growth where there isn’t pleasure at the end of it.

Our brains are wired to give us the exact results that we have now in all areas of your life. In order to associate pain with staying where we are and pleasure with growth, we may need to get new beliefs around growth. There are a couple of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) tactics, such as journaling, that can help. The other way to rewire the brain is by flooding it with new beliefs via what we read and listen to, as well as who we hang out with. Our brains are made to normalize what they hear and see on a regular basis so we are wired to become like the ‘tribe’ we hang out with. To change the process, we can get different beliefs that we ‘download’ from other people. This can be on a secondhand basis by reading what someone else has written or on a firsthand basis by being intentional about who it is we hang out with.


Differentiators for growing faster and in healthy ways that allow us to expand what we want and increase the quality of life rather than detract from it are as follows:

1.    Be clear and protective of the lifestyle that you want. These are the things that make you happy and what you want to do when you ‘make it.’ Work that into you life now.

2.    There are different ways to achieve the same result you are working towards. Putting in an overreaching amount of effort and stress in order to get something is not always necessary.

3.    Operating in shorter windows provides clearer targets and makes it easier and with enough feedback loops to keep us happy.

Our brains are wired to compare. Every conclusion we reach is due to a comparison to something else. We normalize what is real and compare it to what is not real. Most of us are operating unconsciously from this position.

There is No Such Thing As a Limit

In order to get on the fast lane to growth, we have to break the paradigms to what we believe is possible. Changing our perspective on life is what it takes for us to even become aware of the fact that we can grow 10x in the first place.

The 10x Exercise

Look at where you say you want to be and times that by ten. Ask yourself, “How would I have to think, and what would I have to do, in order for this to be normal to me?” The fastest way to hack the system is to change the surroundings and beliefs you have. 

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