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Brain Hacking For Happiness: Control This, Control Your Happiness


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In this week’s episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ryan Daniel Moran talks about happiness. People often focus on the ‘pursuit’ of happiness but rarely talk about happiness itself. In this podcast, Ryan discusses what really comprises happiness and wellbeing. Ryan also examines the driving factor behind happiness in our lives. If you want happiness but can’t quite grasp it, then this podcast is a must listen for you!

Key Lessons Learned:


  • You are in control of your happiness by deciding what you allow yourself to feel.
  • Happiness is not the result of our external circumstances or the sum of our experiences.
  • There are people who have nothing and are happy, yet there are people who seemingly have it all and are unhappy. Why?
  • Security and happiness is an elusion and is actually an ‘idea’

Feelings & Meaning

  • You can’t reach into your pocket and pull out happiness. It is just a feeling.
  • There is no such thing as happiness, security, or success. They are intangible feelings.
  • Usually we don’t ‘want’ things but rather want the ‘feelings’ associated with them.
  • We’ve all had the feeling of happiness; this is temporary and not based in material things.
  • Feelings are the result of what we consistently focus on and the meaning that we give things. We are in total control of this process.
  • The meaning you associate with something combined with what you are consistently focusing on can make the difference between a positive person and a negative person.
  • We can consciously choose to focus on certain aspects of a situation.
  • Even in the midst of difficult times we can choose the meaning and focus during a situation.


  • The only way the brain knows how to assess a situation is through comparison.
  • Success, happiness, and security is whatever you are comparing it to.
  • The feelings we want to feel are the product of the comparisons that we make in our brain.
  • Whatever you are comparing yourself or your experience to will determine the meaning that you associate with it.
  • Our brains are only wired to know 150 people. When we constantly see celebrities in the media (such as Kate Upton), our brain starts to think we know that person and think that the person is the standard to measure ourselves against.
  • The reason happiness eludes us is because we play the comparison game instead of the appreciation game.

How to Hack Happiness

  • If you consciously take charge of your comparisons, you will completely change the emotions and the life you experience.
  • What would happen to your life if you consistently compared yourself to where you were one year ago (physically, financially, romantically?)

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • 1) Who am I comparing myself to?
  • Am I playing that game fairly or unfairly?
  • Can I change this to feel empowered or differently?
  • What can I appreciate about my life or situation right now?
  • What else can I appreciate?
  • What else is great?

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