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How to Build a Profitable Audience

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Audience building is the crux of everything we do as business owners. Regardless of what business you are in, if you don’t have an audience, you will go out of business very quickly. During this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ryan Daniel Moran discusses how business is really about the audience that you are serving or leveraging.

Audience building is the fundamental practice that is the core of everything profitable that you do. In Ryan’s physical products businesses the majority of what he does comes down to asking ‘what will the audience respond to?’

There are people who have nothing valuable to add to the market place yet have a large audience. When it comes to building a profitable audience, it comes down to getting attention, which is essentially what marketing is.

How do you get enough attention in order to build an audience?

Do it by giving your market what it wants; provide something controversial, do something that shocks them, or create something that is so captivatingly valuable that someone can’t help but read and digest the content. The important thing is that you capture someone’s attention long enough for them to become an audience member.

Target Audience

Start building an audience by calling your target audience into being. This means getting very clear on who it is you are going to be serving. Most people get this wrong because they try to target everybody. However, if people are indifferent to you, then you can’t turn them into an audience member.

The only way you can have an audience that is profitable is by isolating some people. This is why trying to market to everybody always fails. You will only start to see traction in building an audience if you are targeting a very specific target market. Be prepared that as a result you are going to have haters.

You cannot have a responsive audience if you aren’t willing to define your target market. Get the attention of your target market by calling them into being, and speaking to that exact direct market. Speak to your target audiences’ fears, what they worry about, what they love, what they think about, who they want to be. Make sure to alleviate their fears, confirm their suspicions, and affirm their hopes. Even if they don’t know you exist speak to those points regardless.

Audience building happens over a long period of consistency. It is worth working into your daily habits to serve your audience. Every day give your audience something valuable that either gets their attention or polarizes them so they continue to hold the attention.


Where is your audience already hanging out? Go to where the audience already exists. Emulate what people who already have an audience in the space are doing. Make connections with those influencers and get them into your success network so you can leverage their audience.

Look at what’s buzzworthy in your market, what is the current event and make a video, podcast, or blog, and be polarizing in your opinion. Talk directly to a specific market and isolate others. When you have an enormous audience, you have advertisers, buyers for products, sponsorships, and potential equity deals. Essentially, you have a platform that other people want because you have the eyeballs of a target market.

Unleash the Power of Three

This is the psychological trigger that says when you follow someone or see someone in three places, they know you, like you, and trust you. Give your target market the opportunity to see you in three places.

1,000 Fans

When you have 1,000 true fans, you have income for life. Anyone can call into being 1,000 people who resonate with their message. Anyone can make a meaningful impact in 1,000 people’s lives, and thus, have a lifelong income stream.


1) Your market.
2) The message you are going to share.
3) How you are going to communicate (audio, video, blog).
4) The channel to communicate with your audience.

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