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How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Managing your monthly bills can be a pain most of the times. And when you analyse every bit of your spendings, you’d always feel you could cut down on your grocery bills.

But how?

Here’s a little help if you’ve been trying your best but haven’t figured out the most plausible ways for the same.

1. Budgeting is the way to go!

Managing your household is as good as running a business. You’ve got fixed monetary resources and you know need to get everything done within that limit. Likewise you know the money coming in every month. all you need is it allocate a limit to your weekly spends. Aiming something close to 50 to 60 dollars a week should be good. Try and fit in all your edible needs as well as toiletry spends in this. Obviously no one is penalizing you if you do cross what you fixed, but setting that boundary definitely helps.


2. Buy in bulk to avail bulk deals

If you’ve ever tried doing this, you know its a great idea. Especially for meat and produce, you’re bound to get some irresistible deals on bulk buying. All you need to do is place it in proper meat bags and freeze. You’re good to go for a while. Similarly, there are regular bulk deals on veggies. Grab one of them and try freezing them to understand their life. You may spoil it once or maybe twice, but you’d get to have an idea for the future and then you can adopt the same technique for your veggies and fruits too.

3. Meal Planning can be a little heavy on the pocket

Meal plans have been working great for a lot of families and they keep your eating menus varied but you’d also notice they tend to make you spend much more. Avoiding them and rather shopping as you go would be a better idea. The money you save on them could let you take those lessons on how to make a website that you’ve been yearning for a while. You would be open to better deals and you can plan what to serve accordingly. Keep them doors open for the little corner cuts and you’d see a lot of saving happening.


4. Frozen Meals available at the convenience stores are OK sometimes too!

There are times when you’d feel every energy of the world is conspiring against you but you don’t have the nerves to cook. It does get you in the dilemma of choosing from a heavy restaurant bill or sucking up energies and cooking anyway. But there is another option that you mostly shun off; the convenience food!

Trust you me, they are cheap, tasty and they are good on the stomach, Do you still want to go with the other options?

5. Use them Coupons!

You need to get the hang of finding the right coupons and getting in the groove of doing this on a regular basis. Once you’re hooked, you’re never going to complaint. They help you save so much, its not funny! Try out before letting these things slip.

Do you use any specific method that is a tiny weeny secret? Care to share? Do not hesitate and let the cat out of the bag already.



Jamie Winston is an SEO specialist and has been working in the industry for more than 8 years now. His project on Panasonic silent arch design washing machines got rave reviews for the infographic that was used to display its USPs.

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