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How to Fill your Life with Gratitude

All of us are sometimes dissatisfied with our lives. We feel upset, annoyed or even angry with someone. And these feelings don’t make us happier. How many of us are grateful for what we already have? Meanwhile, being grateful is the first step to being happy. If you think there’s something wrong in your life, don’t react negatively. Act just the opposite: start being grateful for what you have.gratitude1

Practicing gratitude is extremely beneficial. It’s proven that it has a positive impact on health. What is more, you will feel happier and more satisfied with your life. You will increase your self-esteem as well as learn to appreciate others. Who doesn’t want this?

It’s very simple to start being grateful. You only need to start  – and here are some hints on how you can make your life full of gratitude and change it in a positive way:

Start with gratitude journal. This is the most common gratitude practice. Get a notebook you like and every day write down at least 5 things you feel grateful for. You can write less things at the beginning, or do it not every day. The main thing is to feel and believe in things that you write.

Say ‘thank you’ to the people for everything. Even if there’s no serious cause to thank, thank people for every little thing. People around you will appreciate that, and you will feel better just after saying this.

Give at least one compliment a day. If someone looks good or doing something you think is useful – don’t be silent, say that person about it! While giving the compliments, you will learn to notice good things in everyone, which will switch your thoughts to the positive side.

Learn to accept the compliments, too! When someone compliments you, smile, thank him or say something pleasant in return. When you accept compliments with gratitude, people are willing to give them to you more often!

When you realize that you have bad times, don’t upset as you would do before. Instead of that, ask yourself what you can learn from this situation. How can it be useful for you?gratitude

Make sure you’ll find a positive side, and after that little trouble won’t seem a disaster for you.

Get rid of complaints and criticizing. What is the use to do that? If you dislike some features in person, you concentrate your attention on them when criticizing, and soon will feel it impossible to deal with this person. Do just the opposite – when talking about someone, emphasize something you like in this person.

Learn to appreciate every moment. When we don’t control our thoughts, we tend to remember something from the past or to worry about the future. Meanwhile, the key to feel thankful is to be in the present. Concentrate on the present moment and find something precious in it! This is the key to feel grateful and delighted.

Focus on things you have, not on the things you don’t. Maybe, you want a better car or a newer phone, but if you are not grateful for what you already have, the new purchase won’t make you happier. You already got a lot, so why not to be grateful for it?

When practicing these tips every day, you will learn to see the positive side of things. You will accept the things that you have and be grateful for it. And if your present life is full of positive emotions, you create a better future for yourself.

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