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How To Live Anywhere – The Five Pillars of Successful Long Term Travel Part 3

Over the last two weeks I’ve discussed the fantasy of unending long term travel. So far, I’ve introduced you to the first three of five lessons, or pillars, that will help you successfully turn this fantasy into a reality.

If you’ve missed them, you can read part one, here, and part two, here.

Today we’ll look at pillars 4 and 5. Before we do, let’s recap what we’ve looked at so far.


Pillar #1 – Stories Beat Stuff: Focus on experiences and personal growth, not on possessions.

Pillar #2 – Have a Consistent Source of Income not tied to the countries you are visiting.

Pillar #3 – Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For What You Want. You’ll be surprised how often you get it.

OK, back to action with pillar #4…


How To Live At Any Place - The Five Foundation Of Successful Long Term Travel Part 3More often than not, you’re going to get terrible advice if you listen to tourists. A tourist is anyone who spends less than a week in a place and thinks they know all about it.

Particularly guilty of this are those who insist they have “seen” 13 countries during their 3-week European tour.

You might rather want to take advice from people who have spent at least one month in the place you want to visit. Even then, remember that not everyone has the same preferences. To some people, New York is the greatest city on earth. To others, who I personally still can’t understand, New York is terrible.

Facebook and Twitter are great ways to connect with people who either live, or have lived, in a place you want to visit.


If you follow my rules there are a few things that will be true when you decide to set off on your journey around the world.

– You won’t have a lot of junk. The basics you travel with will fit in standard luggage.

– You’ll have a source of income to pay for everything while you travel.

– You will have connected with a few locals in your future destination who have offered insider advice.

You speak English (the closest thing to a Universal language). So what’s holding you back?

Some people, not you of course, will have fear-based thoughts jumping into their head right about now.

“Well, what about insurance? Yeah, you never mentioned that!”

“How about finding an apartment…How will I do that?!”

Let me stop you right there with this one thought:

Think about the Korean Grocer.

Not the store. The guy who owns it.

The guy who packed up his whole life and with only the money in his pocket moved half way around the world.

He didn’t speak English. He didn’t know anyone. He didn’t have money, or even a plan. So, what did he have?


The courage to go after his dream.

Every year millions of people immigrate to countries where they don’t speak the language, don’t have a job and don’t have any tangible skills but they find a way to make it work. They find a home, start a business, and earn a living.

If they can build a whole new life from scratch, I’d like to believe with a steady income, insider information, English, and a wealth of online resources, you’ll be able to manage a few months abroad without any serious roadblocks.

Dan Johnston Head ShotDan Johnston
If you’ve enjoyed this series and want more tips on world travel or living abroad while running a business, visit my site Dreams Around The World and subscribe to the free Business Takeoff Training. This free 15-part training covers everything from picking your destination and creating a budget to creating kick-ass marketing that will grow your business while you travel the world.

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