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How To Make Money on Amazon 101

How to sell on amazon 101 new

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Ryan Daniel Moran has done millions of dollars in revenue through his physical products businesses. In this episode Ryan goes all the way back to the start and shares step-by-step how you can launch your own physical product business.

Ryan also shares the two most important points you must get right when you’re first getting started if you want to bypass other “product sellers” and put your business in the fast lane.

2 crucial

Two Crucial Points
1) You are not building a product; you are building a brand.

2) Amazon is not your business; your brand is your business.

Most people will browse Amazon and see what is selling, and then go on to sell that product. However, at this point, competition is way too fierce to do this as you’ll have thousands of people trying to sell the same product.

The question isn’t “what product do I want to sell?” It is “what business do I want to be in?” Plus, you need to know what target market you’re serving.

After you have identified who you want to serve, you need to figure out what products you want to sell by looking at their volume on Amazon.

You can identify what is selling on Amazon by browsing the bestselling category. But, remember that Amazon is not the end goal; it is your starting point.

If you forget that Amazon is a launching platform, you will approach this business incorrectly. If you want to have a long-term business, you need to think beyond your channel.

We are not trying to manipulate or game a channel but rather look at what the channel is doing volume-wise that can be a launching point with regards to customers, volume, and cash flow. If there is a lot of volume and the profit margins are high, then that is something you will want to go into.


So How Do We Get Started With Physical Products?

If you have a clear idea on what product you want to start selling but don’t know what the setup process looks like. Then this is the perfect podcast for you.

There’s no sense in creating a cash flow business that you can’t scale. You want to avoid major pitfalls that will cap you out at a certain level.

This podcast episode will teach you everything you need to know. Everything from cash flow businesses and scalability.

product creation 101

So Whats The Next Step?

If you don’t mind let’s get intimate.

I want to show you a live case study example of cash flow vs scalability. Zen active sports was a company that I had created with a buddy of mine. We scaled the business and sold it.

Let me show you how we built this business to 6 figures.

There are a few thing you will learn in this awesome podcast.

  1. How we had completely no idea what we were doing and how it evolved into a 6 figure business.
  2. Everything you need to know about partnerships, If you have someone else involved in your business.
  3. The head pounding process of shipping and labels. (all the hard work done already)

step by step to six figures

Step 3

Zero To $1 Million On Amazon In 12 Months

If you’re craving for more information, let me satisfy your senses. This was probably my most viewed video on youtube…

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