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How To Quiet Self Doubt And Live Free!

When you decide to believe in yourself a whole new world opens up before your eyes.

Over the past couple years I have come to find this true as I ride the transitional waves of life.

During this transitional time, I have shed a few toxic relationships, started what I thought was a dream job, quit the so called dream job, bought a one-way ticket to Australia and began my entrepreneurial journey as a freelance writer—just to name a few things. Yet, I know none of the aforementioned would be my current reality had I not truly believed I could achieve it.

Denis Waitley wrote, “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” What I take away from this quote is that you will never be the person you want to become if you don’t believe it is possible. Do you really think you can lose those last 10 pounds or have you already subconsciously deemed yourself incapable? Deep in your core do you truly believe that this is the year you backpack through the Andes or do think those types of trips are reserved only for the rich?

Are you catching my drift? If you’ve already labeled what you want to achieve or who you want to become as unattainable you most certainly don’t believe in yourself enough to make things happen—no matter how bad you may think you want it.

More often than not as soon as we set our hearts on making a change, reaching a goal, or bettering ourselves in some way, the detrimental voice of self-doubt whispers in our ears, luring us down a deep, dark hole.

How To Quiet Self Doubt And Live Free!_3This voice teases and taunts us saying things like:

– “You can’t do that, who do you think you are?”

– “You’re unqualified and could never learn how.”

– “Everyone will think you’re crazy/stupid/a failure if you even attempt that.”

We all know the voice but those who progress in the journey to their best self know how to take a stand against it and achieve their true potential.

Believing in yourself is a lot harder than temporarily tricking yourself into something. Luckily, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Here are 3 ways to turn down the volume of the voice in your head!

1. Fake It Til’ You Make It – Ok, maybe not the best motto but it is one that works wonders when applied to the right situation. In this case I’m referring to negative self-talk. Every time you hear an “I can’t” thought creep through your brain stop it dead in its tracks and rephrase with “I can”. It may sound silly but just remember you’ve convinced yourself all these years that you weren’t able to do certain things because the voice said it wasn’t possible. Imagine what could happen if you did the opposite.

2. Write It Out – Writing out my self-defeating thoughts is a go-to tactic when I’m feeling like I’m just not capable. For example, when I was at my wits end with the so called dream job I mentioned I thought of a million and one reasons why I shouldn’t quit even though I had an aching feeling in my heart that it would be the right move. As I wrote out these reasons it was clear that it was just the voice talking me down. I saw how unreasonable these thoughts were and even found that writing them out helped me provide logical answers as to why quitting and going after what I really wanted was possible. This exercise can provide mental clarity and help take the edge off of negative thoughts. When things don’t seem so big and bad they are easier to over-come and this is no exception.

3. Pat Yourself On the Back – Last but definitely not least give yourself some credit! A pat on the back every once in the while will not only boost your confidence but it will act as a reminder that you are capable of the things you set your mind to. A great way to keep track of your successes, big or small, is to write them down. That way when you’re having an off day you can take a look at your list and remember how amazing you really are.

Remember transformation is a process not a single event and as with any form of self-growth baby steps are necessary. Believing in yourself will not be accomplished over night but I assure you with a little practice it is possible.

And once achieved the possibilities are limitless.

Mariana Ruiz_3Mariana Ruiz
Mariana is a freelance writer, avid traveler and free spirit. She enjoys writing about wellness, beauty, travel, and living life a little differently. Currently she is working on creating a blog to help others to become their best self and share her nuggets of wisdom with the World Wide Web—so be on the look out! If you are interested in finding out more about her or hiring her for your writing needs visit her site:

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