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How To Stay Grounded While Living A Free Lifestyle

I’ve been in Denver, Colorado for a little over four weeks now, where I have been running my website that searches for independent art all over the globe. Something that continues to be a struggle for me while I live a life of mobility and travel is staying grounded.

All of the very important reasons you started your journey can get very hazy if you don’t stay grounded or focused on your truth. I’ve found a few tools that help me when my focus begins to stray, and I doubt what I am doing.

How To Stay Ready While Living A Free LifestyleWhat happens when I start to feel ungrounded is that I start to doubt myself and crave things that have represented stability to me in the past. Such as, my own house or apartment, a constant city to live in, etc. My confidence begins to wane. And those are all things that give the illusion of security. When you can’t clearly engage your vision for your endeavor, there will be confusion instead of certainty. Confidence is key. This journey has certainly tested my confidence in the ability to adapt and shape-shift when obstacles arise. What is also important, is taking responsibility for obstacles and how you react to them.

The dangerous and just terrible thing about losing ground and focus is that you usually don’t realize it’s happening until it has already happened. So you’re confused and wondering why you even bother, what do you do now?

How To Re-Inspire Yourself To Continue Greatness

Evaluate the core reasons why you’re experiencing doubt, or why your ballast could be wavering. Maybe something didn’t go the way you had dreamed, maybe you’re missing a good old human connection, or maybe you haven’t been sleeping or eating like you should have. Experiences, strong human connections, and health are three huge components tied to a person’s happiness. Or perhaps there is a possibility that what you’re doing just isn’t working for you. It’s just as important to figure out what you don’t want as it is to know what you do want. I have had to restructure my “plan” and re-evaluate what I want and what is my personal freedom.

For me, identifying why I am in a “woe is me” state of mind is liberating. Finding the source and taking responsibility for it is almost a cure in itself. Because the hard truth is that circumstances, an undesirable interaction, or even a poor choice can’t be to blame for your state of mind. The only thing you can control is how you react to an obstacle. You can choose to dwell, or you can choose to learn and let go. Fail and fail better.

So now that you know how to get out of the rut…

How to prevent the onset of further ruts from happening

Give yourself a little structure. I think anyone who is new to a freedom lifestyle can go a little Cartman and “Whatever, I do what I want!” You can certainly lose organization and structure rather rapidly. I find having organization and structure in my day really gives me more freedom because it gives me a platform on which to work out how I will obtain my goals.

During my last rut, I used GEBY. Gratitude, Exercise, Breakfast, You – do something for you. After hearing about this on Tim Ferris’ show creativeLIVE, Noah Kegan explained that he uses this daily to establish a sense of accountability during his day.

Write down three things that you are grateful for, commit to an exercise for the day (doesn’t have to be a lot, just something to keep you connected to your body), eat a good breakfast, and do a little something for yourself. Something so simple as applying GEBY to your day is a very easy way to set your day up for good structure even when you’re on the move a lot.

Starting your day with gratitude lets you know that you have enough and you are enough to make your dreams real, thus giving you the confidence to master whatever comes your way. And following that up with exercise and breakfast is just insuring that you are energized and well enough to enjoy your life.

Other things I go to for inspiration when doubt rears its ugly but inevitable head are, books, blogs, podcasts, etc created by other entrepreneurs that have successfully accomplished something similar to what you’re striving to accomplish. This lets you know, that yes, it is possible, and no, you’re not mentally insane. A lot of the time you will find that they have had a similar struggle to the very one you’re struggling with right now.

I have heard of people having success with positive reinforcement, such as GEBY, but also negative reinforcement to maintain their own accountability. For example a good friend of mine was trying to quit smoking, so he wrote a sizable check to a charity that he DID NOT support (sizable enough that it would earn his name a spot on their website) gave the check to his roommate and told him that if he smoked a cigarette that the roommate would mail the check. He hasn’t smoked since.

Designing your lifestyle is a very desirable way to live, but you are always 100% responsible for how you spend your time. No one (such as a manager or a boss) is there to hold your tasks in place or hold you accountable. Self-accountability is one of the most important things I have ever learned and continue to learn. Not just in lifestyle design, but in just being a well-adjusted and well-rounded individual. Whatever tool you use, accountability will set you free.

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