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Jaime Masters Making Millionaire Status Easy

As the host of the Eventual Millionaire, Jaime Masters has interviewed more than 300 millionaires. During this episode of Freedom Fast Lane Ryan Daniel Moran interviews Jaime on the process of working with an entrepreneur, scaling and identifying the things that will help them move forward faster, knowing metrics and setting projections as well as hiring and team building.

Do Less to Do More

The common thread between millionaires who went from $1M to $10M in net worth was to know their strengths in business and only do those things and build a team around you with all the other stuff. The more small things you push off your plate the more your strengths will rise to the top, which are the things that only you can do in your business.

Identifying Strengths

Newtonian time says that time is fixed. Einstein, however, says that time is flexible and created. When you notice time starts to flow, that is an indication of your strength. It’s not about revenue as this will come when you are operating at your best.

Leverage in Scaling

This process comes down to problem solving and testing, and involves knowledge, logic and getting in front of more of the right type of people to sell more things.

Eventual Millionaire

Jaime quit her corporate job when she was pregnant and did project management to make ends meet and has been a business coach for more than nine years. She got the foundational pieces correct and got a mentor and mastermind happening. Jaime was about to quit working Eventual Millionaire when CNN called her so she decided to keep it running.

Small Wins  

These are the active actions that add up and get you out of your comfort zone and align with your goal. The more you do will ‘seed’ what happens later. It takes commitment to one thing and the action in order to see results. It will take a lot longer than you estimate so double the amount of time you think it will take.

Planting Seeds 

Life is the process of harvesting seeds that have been planted months and years before. You can’t always change situations immediately but what you can do is plant new seeds. The process of looking ahead and planting those seeds will be a completely different shift than being reactive.

Identifying Daily Habits

Break down the goals to a monthly, weekly, and daily level. What do you have to do every single day in order to get there? Metric the heck out of it! Write down ideas that will start to change your business and always have a notepad on hand to brain dump. Your habits need to align with the commitment.

The Tribe 5

Set your 90-day targets and develop the daily habits out of those targets. 90 days is a short enough period of time where you can feel that it’s coming soon. The year-long goal is most likely going to change now that you have more information.

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