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Jesse Elder 2015: Problems, Presence, and Personal Power 


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In this week’s episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ryan Daniel Moran interviews Jesse Elder, who recently quit Facebook and talks about the nature and definition of problems. This is Jesse’s second time on Freedom Fast Lane so prepare yourself for multiple braingasms in this episode!

Main Questions Asked:

  • Tell us your reason for retiring from Facebook and ‘leveling up’ your life?
  • Talk about the process of people needing to make a change in order to create a new experience that is greater than the one they are having.
  • How do you work with entrepreneurs to get them to move away from the strategies that have gotten them to a certain level and help them create a strategy for leveling up?
  • How do you coach clarity?
  • Do you have a process that we can practice so we can experiment with this philosophy?
  • How is it possible to build a life around a ‘10’ since there really aren’t that many of them?

 Key Lessons Learned:

  • You can only help people to the degree they are willing and able to help themselves.
  • The idea of being intrinsically motivated makes problem solving irrelevant.
  • Taking action is how you enjoy the process of fulfilling your plans and rolling out your dreams.
  • Measuring progress based on how we feel during the process, and not on the data provided to us, is a new way of measuring if something works and the external result.
  • Everything we do is because we think we will feel better in the doing of it.
  • We have been programmed since we were born to analyze our experiences based on the data rather than how we feel.
  • We are in control of our experience because of what we focus on, the meaning it brings to our lives, and what we allow it to mean.
  • The brain can’t be creative in a tensed state.


  • Clarity is synonymous with certainty. The key is ‘knowing.’
  • To have total clarity prior to taking action is almost ridiculous.
  • For some this may go against your rational thinking about taking action.
  • Every action you will take comes after another action.
  • Clarity is comparing the future action you are about to take to a past action.
  • Clarity is not something you will have prior to taking the new action. For most people, it is remembering what we did before and base our next action on the pain or pleasure of the past experience.
  • If we want to experience unilateral or exponential growth simultaneously, there is no way we can plan it out so we take the exact action. It is a process of doing what seems right in the moment and doing something.
  • Clarity comes as a result of constantly paying attention and calibrating, learning on the fly, noticing what did and didn’t work, do more of the stuff that felt right and produced a great result, and doing less of what didn’t work. These things can only be done in motion.
  • Pearson’s law says “that which is measured improves and that which is measured and recorded improved exponentially.”
  • Entrepreneurs have more ability to experience true clarity and inner knowing than anyone else on the planet.
  • Clarity is an internally generated phenomenon and it’s very different to following someone else’s instructions (as we are taught in school).
  • We need to make the inner thoughts the most important thing in the world because everything else is coming from the outside.

Living Life From 0 to 10

  • Our life becomes a collection of experiences, possessions, commitments, obligations, and relationships that are not bad enough to get rid of but not good enough to fully enjoy.
  • The solution is to get rid of the ‘middle’ and the ‘grey areas,’ such as 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and only allow 9s and 10s.
  • When you wake up to the fact that something is a one or two, then just eliminate it.
  • When you have the realization that things are a ‘1’ and unacceptable, it is when you know you have to get rid of it.
  • If anything is not a 1 or 9, or 0 or 10, then why have it in your life?
  • Anything in your life can change according to your perception or procedure.

Distraction From Fear

  • When our brains are distracted from fear, we start to see resources, possibilities, and solutions that we couldn’t see when we were locked in a place of fear.
  • It’s in the moment of distracting our self from that which is terrifying, fearful, and overwhelming. There is power in defocusing from those things.
  • The world will say ‘solve the problem’ so you won’t have that feeling, but the better you get at solving problems, the more problems you will have to solve.

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