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SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT: Whole Foods’ Founder John Mackey

360_lmackey_0730IT’S OFFICIAL: The founder and CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, will be speaking at Freedom Fast Lane Live this December in Austin, TX.

Mackey started Whole Foods in 1987 with a $45,000 investment and a passion for healthy living. Along the way, Whole Foods changed the way that we talk about food, brought healthy living into the mainstream, acquired several of its competitors, and is now well-established as a leader in the industry.

Today, Whole Foods is a $15b per year company. Let that sink in for a second. In an industry that stereotypically has thin margins and little culture, Mackey has built a multi-billion dollar industry disrupter.

At Freedom Fast Lane Live this December, Mackey will be teaching the FFL audience why entrepreneurs are the solution to the world’s problems, how to build a billion dollar empire, and how to bring a higher level of purpose into your business.

Mackey has long been an advocate for entrepreneurship, stating that business should be a force for good, as well as a source of profit. Below is a clip of his interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which he states how entrepreneurs are the creative drivers behind our greatest solutions:

Standing Out Among Competition

The grocery industry is traditionally very “commodity driven.” People often shop on price and care little about where they get their groceries. Whole Foods, however, has branded itself differently, and it has attracted a rabid following in an industry where that was deemed impossible. Customers (including yours truly) will regularly go out of their way to pay more at Whole Foods, because they buy into the mission and the experience.

More importantly, Mackey serves as an example of someone who is the change that he wants to see in the world. As the CEO of Whole Foods, he initiated strong standards of employee well-being and community service, because he believes that capitalism can and should have a positive effect on everyone involved. Mackey has publicly stated his libertarian and capitalist views, insisting that it is businesses and individuals who can make the greatest impact in the world, rather than governments. Mackey has led by example in this way, even when faced with public criticism for doing so.

In the the clip below, Mackey speaks on the moral case for Capitalism, and why capitalists hold a special responsibility to make everything around them better:


The Case For Capitalism

Mackey is the author of the best seller, Conscious Capitalism, which outlines the roadmap for entrepreneurs to build companies that make a difference while maintaining and increasing profits. In it, he advocates bringing a higher level of purpose into business.

Interestingly, Mackey wrote the foreword to the book  Be The Solution: How Entrepreneurs and Capitalists Can Solve All Of the World’s Problems. As the owner of the forthcoming, which uses the tagline “Be The Change” because of the belief that entrepreneurs can fix all the problems in the world, I could not agree more. 

John Mackey will be speaking on the second day of Freedom Fast Lane Live, and he alone will be worth the trip to Austin. Tickets go on sale July 27th. Get on the early bird registration list to save $500 on your ticket and get front-of-the-line access when tickets become available. 

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